Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What I would do with...Star Wars Episode VII (Part 2)

In the first part of this series I outlined my ideas for the characters could inhabit the star wars universe in a post ROTJ film trilogy (as announced by Dinsey last year). The idea of this post, and the subsequent ones, is to break the film down into is respective three "acts" and to hopefully develop a tangible idea for a plot. So, without any further ado, here goes...

Star Wars episode 7, Act 1.

The traditional opening crawl details that the galaxy is still in a state of conflict. The Imperial remnant are caught in a power struggle and the new republic, led by Mon Mothma, still struggles to rally allies to its cause. We then get told that Luke Skywalker has slowly been re-establishing the jedi order at his praxeum on Yavin 4 and that Han and Leia, now married, are on their way there today to witness a very important event; their children (Jacen and Jaina) are to be crowned Jedi apprentices.

Han and Leia, in the millenium falcon (for fan service) arrive at Yavin and meet their children who are nervous younglings, no older at this point, than 14 years old. Han and his wife council the two and go off to take their seats in the viewing gallery remarking how proud they are of their jedi children; Han even remarks that of all the people he never expected to have jedi children.

Cut away to the distant outer rim worlds. A handful of star destroyers orbit a distant dark planet and in the center of the fleet is a larger super star destroyer. On the bridge of this ship, as seen in the previous episodes, stand a number of Imperial Admirals and other officer etc running about. A nervous lieutenant approaches and informs the admiral that "he" is ready.  The admiral turns nervously and straightens his uniform. For all intents and purposes it could be Vader approaching. The camera follows this mysterious white uniformed figure up to the view screen. His skin is blue and he is seen from the rear. The Admiral informs this character that they are making good progress on the planets surface and that they should be "through" in no time. The character retorts that they still have much to do and that the designs for the weapon are finally within his grasp. He then finishes mysteriously by saying that his "Master" would have been proud. He tells the Admiral to not waste anymore time and turns to reveal the face of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Back at the Jedi Praxeum a number of jedi enter the arena below and sit paitently waiting. Luke Skywalker then has a grand entrance and leads the ceremony. At the end he gives each of the new apprentices a master to follow. He teams Jaina and Jacen together, because of thier age, and gives them Katarn as their master. Much will be made of the twins descdendancy from Vader and their immense talent in the force...hence the reason that they are the youngest in the ceremony.

Katarn approaches the two and tells them to dispense with the formalities of calling him "master" and that they should instead call him Kyle. This scene outlines his laid back and apprentice led style to being a jedi. He teaches well but is keen to let his students have first hand experience as well. He tells his students that Luke already has a mission for the three and that they are to leave immediately; a trade ship distress signal from the outer rim. Jacen quips that this should be nothing too difficult, Katarn warns him against jumping to conclusions. 

Luke has a brief scene now with Han and Leia. Han is slightly unhappy that Luke has paired the two with Katarn but Luke informs him that Kyle has the best style for the two headstrong twins and that he will be good with them. We get a hint also at Leia's force sensitivity as she tells Han that she can sense Luke's sincerity. Leia also share's her concerns about the Imperial Remnant and that they have been too quiet recently to which Han remarks that he has a bad feeling.

Be sure to tune in again soon for Act 2...

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