Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Planet of Souls - 1 Day to Go!!!

This time tomorrow the planet of Souls should be on the website for all to see and hopefully discussion will be rife about the next special...I am certain that Planet of Souls will ask a lot of questions. Ida scott is back too and has had a promotion to Captain...she gets to do a lot in this special.

Anyways here is the mock-up of the DVD cover that I intend to do for all of the specials.

(I cannot stress enough that this I only do the DVD covers for hypothetica purposes and for fun and I do not intend to release these episodes on DVD ever. As Always no copyrigt infrigment is intended.)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Planet of Souls - 2 Days to Go

In a change of approach from Grand Designs I have not done count down posts to the release date but instead I want to try and publicise the specials a bit more on other sites so that I can ensure people are visiting this. Therefore prior to the release of Planet of Souls on Thursday October 1st 2009 I ask whether anybody reading this would be kind enough to help with some promotion of some sorts of would know of a way to make the sight known of. I don't want to be one of those annoying people clogging up c-boxes with advertisments.

Tomorrow I will post the mock-up of the DVD case that I have done for the Planet of Souls and then of course post the episode live on here on Thursday. Thank you for contiuing to visit.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

New Banners

IN preperation for the release of the second Christel Doctor Who special 'The Planet of Souls' I have done a bit of work to the site to update the look and to theme some of the pages. The Doctor Who : Salvation page has a new banner as does the front page of the site: and as of today the Grand Designs page and the Planet of Souls episode pages also have new banners (Which can be seen in preview below), please check them out and keep checking back for special information about the release of Planet of Souls this coming Thursday...

Grand Designs Banner...

Planet of Souls Banner...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Something Different

With the animated Doctor Who specials coming along nicely and plans for the first full series underway for next year I thought it a good time to start telling people about some of the other Doctor Who projects that I have done over the course of the last few years.

The first of my 'side' projects is a work of fan-fiction that I started over two years ago but am still writing now and involves the Tenth Doctor and Donna. It is a crossover story with the Terminator universe.

Although the story was started a long time ago it has been heavily modified and changed after the release of Terminator Salvation. I have no plans to film this as it is a story that I have written and want some of my projects to take different directions anyways.

I Have created a page for this story and shall be putting chapters up every now-and-again but I doubt it will become a regular thing for some time to come. The first part of the story; the Prologue follows as an introduction to the story and a starting point...

Doctor Who : Salvation




On November 17th 2011 the artificial intelligence system known as skynet became self-aware and launched an all-out nuclear offensive on the Russian capital of Moscow. The Russian counter-offensive was quick and deadly and all but wiped out any threat that could have been posed to Skynet.

Many of the people that managed to survive the nuclear holocaust that followed were hunted down and killed by monstrous robotic henchmen known as ‘Terminators’ that has been created by Skynet. However it was not long until the survivors managed to galvanise their hope and form a rudimentary resistance against the oppression of Skynet. Led by a man named John Connor the resistance were the only hope for the human race.

During the early months of 2005 a young London girl by the name of Rose Marion Tyler was reported missing by her mother Jaqueline whom claimed that she had been kidnapped by a man calling himself ‘The Doctor’, miraculously Rose returned home a full year after she had gone missing in full health.

By the year 2029 Skynet, Knowing of Connors importance and knowing he needed to be terminated immediately sent a new model of Terminator, the T-101 back through time to the year 1984 to kill John Connors mother before he was even born. Upon learning of this threat the resistance managed to send a lone warrior by the name of Kyle Reese back to the same year to defeat the Terminator and protect Sarah Connor.

Kyle Reese ultimately succeeded in his mission but was also killed during a bloody final battle with the T-101. It also came to light a few months later that Sarah Connor was pregnant and that Kyle Reese was the father. This unborn baby was to grow up to be John Connor.

Eight years later a man by the name of Charles-Bennedict-Dyson, an employee of Cyberdine Industries came into possession of the robotic arm and micro-processor chip that was left over from the wreckage of the original T-101 from 1984. He was put in charge of the project to reverse engineer the chip and its technology. His discoveries and inventions would revolutionise the computing industry and eventually lead to the creation of Skynet and the downfall of mankind.

Three years later in 1995 a T-101 similar to the one that attacked Sarah Connor in 1984 arrives from the future. Programmed by John Connor himself this machine has the sole task of protecting this past version of Connor from the new model Terminator the T-1000 that has also been sent back from the future, but with the intention of killing both John and Sarah Connor.

Learning of Dysons discovery and the ultimate role that he will have to play in the events of Judgement day Sarah Connor declares that Cyberdine needs to be destroyed and Dyson stopped from ever making his inventions. They manage to destroy the cyberdine factory, killing Dyson and finally destroying the chip and arm that he found. The T-1000 is destroyed in molten steel and the T-101 self terminates also to avoid any more future technology being found and reverse engineered. Believing that they have averted Judgement Day Sarah and John Connor go into hiding to live out the rest of their lives.

During the years that followed the United Nations Intellegience Task Force UNIT came into the possession of plans for an advanced piece of alien technology known only as a ‘dimension cannon’ and began construction of a prototype model for testing.

However, the se events only postponed the inevitable, and on July 24, 2003 Connor, aided by future wife Kate Brewster and another T-100 that a future Kate sent back through time to aid John in a final struggle helplessly oversee the events of the nuclear war that John had feared all of his life.

The day that triggered these events has since become known as Judgement day.

But It is a day that should never have happened…

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Series 1

With 11 days to go until the release of Planet of Souls I thought it might be a good idea to update folks on my plans for the first full series of Christel Doctor Who that will follow this years four specials into 2010. The series will run to 13 episodes, like real WHO and involve 3 two-part stories, although this is subject to change. I have the story arc for the series completed and I'm quite pleased with how it has come together.

As I am nearly finished writing the final special I should be able to start writing for the series in earnest around mid-November early December time. In terms of companions for the Doctor in Series 1 i'm going to break the mould a little and give him two companions for the majority of the series, a man and a woman.

I can reveal that there will be a trailer for the first half of series 1 at the end of the final special this year so you have that to look forward to.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Planet of Souls Release Announcement

I am pleased to announce that I have managed to get the planet of Souls finished in time for it to be released in the very first week of October. I will spend the next few weeks applying the minute finishing touches to the episode but in the meantime please watch the trailer below for the announcement of the release date...

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Who is HE?

Shortly after Grand Designs aired a visitor to the site by the name of Square Eyes commented on the cbox about the mysterious man in the green and white suit at the end of the episode. He only appears for a short while and talks to Timothy Jackson (The Security guard) but they wanted to know who he was. So here are a short selection of stills taken from the episode to wet appetites even further. Unfortunately I can't reveal his identity but thought it might be fun to post this and attempt to stimulate some conversation and theories.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Planet of Souls Teaser 1

As promised here is the trailer for the second episode of Christel Doctor Who entitled 'The Planet of Souls'. This trailer will also be put up on the Planet of souls page as well. The episode will be released in October because all of the 'filming' is already done. I just need to overlay the subtitles and fine tune the look, but with now being back at school full time I cannot devote my attention completely to this.

This post will also mean that Grand Designs has now disappeared from the bototm of this page. It is still available to view on the episode page to the right of the site under 'spx1 - Grand Designs'

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Planet of Souls Trailer on Wednesday

With the success and good reviews generated by Grand Designs I am pleased to announce that the first teaser trailer for my second episode called The Planet of Souls will be out on Wednesday and will premiere exclusively on this site.

Be sure to look out for the trailer on Wednesday and continue to spread the word in the meantime.

Look Whose Back!

Shortly after the release of Grand Designs I released some small pieces of information about the next Christel Doctor Who Episode The Planet of Souls. One of these pieces of info was that the doctor would have a full-time and 'proper' companion for the episode.

I can now reveal that the character of Ida Scott from the Impossible Planet and the Satan Pit in Series 2 of the real Doctor Who will be returning to partner the Doctor this time out. For Ida these events take place ten years after her encounters with the tenth Doctor, Rose and 'the Beast' and she has altered her look slightly.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

A Quick Update

With Grand Designs receiving great reviews and the site now receiving good amounts of traffic every day I am writing to inform of a few small changes that Ive made over the past few days. There is now some small pieces of information about 'The planet of Souls' on the SPX2 - Planet of Souls blog page and more will be added as the episode comes closer to release.

Secondly, and perhaps more noticeably is the addition of a cbox to the site, thanks already to the people who have posted their comments and may many more do the same in the same manner.

As I write more posts Grand Designs will eventually disappear from this main page but it will still be available to watch on its own page which can be found of the right hand side of the site under the welcome message.

I can't thank people enough for all the support and kind words so far. I only hope the future episodes are as well received and stimulate good conversation.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Grand Designs - Where Next?

With Grand Designs receiving some great reviews and generating lots of new traffic and visitors to the site (Which I cant thank everyone enough for) I am now cracking on in earnest with the next episode 'The Planet of Souls'.

Whilst at the moment there isn't much news I can tell you a few small things...

- It should be ready early to mid October,
- The distress signal received by the Doctor was from 'The Planet of Souls' Wherever that may be,
- There is a very gripping cliffhanger (even if I do say so myself)
- The Doctor will have a proper companion in this episode.

Hope that keeps folks going for now. There should be a trailer soon but I am just allowing Grand Designs to make a name for itself in the meantime.