Tuesday, 31 January 2012

No 12th until 13...

Although many of you have asked, I am afraid the answer is still no. You will not be seeing the new 12th Doctor until 2013. He will not be appearing the three 2012 specials, as these are stories that I want to experiment with and as such would not be well served to introduing a new doctor.

The 12th Doctor's first appearance will indeed be episode 1 of series 4.

Monday, 30 January 2012

3 down, 6 to go...

Although I still have a number of projects on the go at the moment, one of my main priorities is writing for both Centerpoint and series 4 of Christel Doctor Who. Today I managed to put the finishing touches to the first draft of my 3rd script for series 4. In total I intend to write 9 of the 14 episodes and then put the others out to guest writers.

Currently, I have completed first drafts of episodes 1,2 and (what will probably be) 11.  I am also approximately 3/4 of the way through episode 3 which means that I am making good progress. Centerpoint is also in a healthy stage of development. I have now written first drafts for the first and second episodes and I am currently trying to finish the 3rd episode, which when I have done so, will mean I will have completed half of the first series.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grand Designs all over again...

I am pleased to present once again, in all its glory, the very first Christel Doctor Who episode, Grand Designs. Originally released in 2009 this is the story that begun the Christel Doctor series. I have remastered some of the sound and added two very small scenes into the episode. Posted below is the episode, along with the official synopsis and DVD cover, based on the series of covers that long time supporter Blink used to make. The second of the four 2009 specials, The Planet of Souls, should be ready soon and will be re-uploaded in the same way that this episode has.

Plot Synopsis - Landing in London in the year 2021 the Doctor is immediately faced with a number of difficult challenges. Firstly, the TARDIS is in a bad way and needs work and secondly, the mysterious next of kin seem intent on causing havoc wherever they step. Coupled with a seemingly corrupt and violent UNIT team nothing is as the Doctor remembers it. He soon finds himself in race against time simply to survive.

Part 1

Part 2

This episode is now also featured in the specials' own page at the top of the blog.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Christel Doctor Who of the Week...When are we?!

One of the few unanswered questions from series 3 of Christel Doctor Who was where in their timelines had the 10th and 11th Doctors come from. My original plan was to flesh the story out and reveal that the 10th Doctor was in between "Planet of the Dead" and "The Waters of Mars" and the 11th Doctor was chronologically placed within "The Big Bang" whilst he was navigating through time and Amy was struggling to remember him.

However, as I started writing and editing the episodes I realized that there was very little reason to actually reveal at what points in their timelines they were anyway. To be honest, it is at this point that I came up with the convenient need for the Doctor's to share some of their lifeforce to sustain their latest incarnation. My theory was, if they couldn't remember it, we wouldn't need to know where they came from.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Grand Designs, re-designed...

As part of my plan to partially add to and update the 2009 Christel Doctor Who specials in preperation for their re-release, I have tonight filmed two small extra scenes to add to the first special, Grand Designs.

As I have had to do very little to Grand Designs I am hoping to have it ready for re-release for this weekend. I just need to finish up cutting and editing the new pieces in and it should be ready to re-upload by Saturday, or Sunday at the latest.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kualan's Doctor Who

When I decided that I was going to begin mini-reviews on other pieces of Doctor Who Fan-fiction I knew at some point that I would have to cover the series that is the subject of this post. That being Kualans Doctor Who.

Without doubt, this series stands alone as the inspiration for Christel Doctor Who, and I imagine most other Movies-Stunts-and-Effects based series that have existed since. Running to just one series and a Christmas Special, a second series was planned, and a trailer was released, but unfortunately it never saw the light of day. The first series however is a triumph in the fact that it does the basics really well. The visuals aren't mind-blowing, but they achieve the desired look and feel and the story isn't over-complicated. Doctor meets companion, has adventures, huge finale! What more could you want?

My only criticism of the series was that towards the end there was almost too much packed in and the simplicity factor was lost slightly. The Master and the Daleks made a great combination, but then there was an awkward scene with the 10th Doctor reverse-regenerating into the 9th, and for a while, the whole thing descended into fanwnak. Despite this, and for me, the series still remains one of my favourites to watch, and is responsible for Christel Doctor Who and Burkey's series at least.

The first episode of this series is available to watch here http://www.veoh.com/watch/v12001079dwPAanCm and introduces the new companion, a Unit officer by the name of Chloe Winters. The other episodes are all available to watch on the website if you click the link at the top of this post.

Unfortunately it all died a death before the second series ever came to light. The trailer looked promising and with guest writers, including Burkey, onboard the creator Kualan even muted the possibility of voice acting, but it was not to be. Here's hoping that one day he will find the time to resurrect the series. Although that seems highly improbable there is still an opportunity to see small snippets of what series 2 may have looked like, because Burkey has found the original draft he did as a guest writer and is re-writing the episode and using it for his series.

P.S. If you are reading this now Kualan, I'd love you to write for Christel Doctor Who.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Burkey and PTS Sign on for Series 4

I am pleased to announce that both Burkey and PreTitleSequence have signed on as guest writers for series 4 of Christel Doctor Who. You will remember that Burkey wrote the series 2 story, Picnic at Asgard and I am very pleased to have his creative talent back for series 4. Pretitlesequence is relatively new to Christel Doctor Who, although he was due to write for the abandoned second series of ARNIE you can expect to see his talents later this year as he is writing one of the 2012 CDW specials, entitled The Memory Bank.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Trenzalore Conundrum

It isn't very often that I post about "Real-life" Doctor Who here but having had time to amply digest series 6 in 2011 I have come up with a few theories as to what Steven Moffat might throw our way in 2012, especially with regards to the whole "Fields of Trenzelor/fall of the eleventh" prophecy.

It has been long discussed/muted/hoped by fans that Omega will return at some point in the future. Indeed, the uniforms of the church soldiers in series 5 Weeping Angels two parter, coupled with other prop based hints, seem to suggest just such a return.

Coupled with this is the now doom-laden talk of the fall of the eleventh, which is apparently when "the  question" will be asked. A question that we all know to be simply, Doctor Who? My theory is that Omega and the question actually go hand in hand. To substantiate my theory I refer you to something known as the Cartmel Masterplan, which I will lift straight from this Wikipedia article.

During the tenure of the Seventh Doctor, part of script editor Andrew Cartmel's intention, now known to fans as the "Cartmel Masterplan", was to restore some mystery to the character of the Doctor.[1] Cartmel felt that years of explanations about the Doctor's origins and the Time Lords had removed much of the mystery and strength of the character of the Doctor, and decided to make the Doctor "once again more than a mere chump of a Time Lord".[1] Elements of this effort were liberally scattered through Seasons 25 and 26 of the series, and occasionally included hints about the Doctor's past; for example, in Silver Nemesis, when Ace and the Doctor discuss the creation of validium, the Doctor mentions that it was created by Omega and Rassilon. Ace asks, "And...?" and the Doctor is silent. Cartmel has written that this was meant to indicate that the Doctor was "more than a Time Lord":
...Omega and Rassilon were the founding fathers of Gallifrey. They towered above the Time Lords who followed. They were demigods. And Ace's nifty dialogue "And..." coupled with the Doctor's neatly evasive response, are a subtle attempt to say that there was a third presence there in the shadowy days of Gallifrey's creation. In other words, the Doctor was also there. So he's more than a Time Lord. He's one of these half-glimpsed demigods.[1]
As this story was never followed through to volition it meant that this plan never really came off, but was also never really killed off either. I forsee that Moffat will look to use elements of this plan to bring about the "fall of the Eleventh".

My prediciton is that the Silence and all that they represent are minions of Omega, trying to stop the question from ever being answered. Omega does not want the question of the Doctor's identity answered because it would reveal him to be a fraud and also considerably change the history of the timelords.

This leads to the gaping plot hole of Omega being allowed back into the series. Knowing Moffats penchant for not worrying about this kind of thing, I think the real reason behind the Pandorica and the whole "Big Bang 2" will finally be outed. There's a specific question asked in the last episode of series 5 and again in the first episode of series 6 (with slightly different wording) - "How could I forget? - How could I have forgotten?". That raises the possibility that the question and answer relate to something that everyone - even the Doctor - has forgotten as a result of Big Bang 2 - either a person/event that is now missing from this reality or something like him forgetting to reapply the Time Lock on Gallifrey, for example.

Now if we take "the fall of the Eleventh" at face value then it my theory would of course bring about the possibility of the timelords returning again for the regeneration of the Doctor. But, with the 50th Anniversary special following in 2013 I wonder if they could be back to stay. 

All in all it sounds exciting. I have never been a massive fan of either Moffat or Smith's work on Doctor Who I just hope whatever route Moffat takes it will lead to some long awaited answers to a lot of questions, especially the one hiding in plain sight...Doctor Who?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Christel Doctor Who of the week...Tabitha Parris

As you know, Tabitha and Roger Parris were married at the end of Christel Doctor Who series 3. This of course means that she is no longer Tabitha Mortimer, and is instead now, Tabitha Parris. Below are some pictures of Tabitha and Roger during their big day.

Of course you may also remember that they chose to get married at Lake Silencio in Utah, the reason for which, they never disclosed. This is also River Song's cameo in series 3. She was Tabitha's one and only bridesmaid.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Series 4 takes shape...

As series 4 of Christel Doctor Who begins to shape, on paper that is, I can confirm that I shall only be writing 9 of the 13 episodes. I currently have a number of guest writers in mind for the series and I want to give them a chance to bring their ideas to the screen. I hope to be able to announce more about guest writers soon.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Christel Doctor Who Logo

So here is, what can be officially called, the first Christel Doctor Who series 4 trailer.  I am very pleased to be able to present the new series logo to you and provide a very small hint as to what might be going in series 4 when it kicks off next year.

I hope as well that the quality of this video gives some indication as the direction I wish to take with the series and the new look that I want to bring in. I look forward to hearing what you think of the new logo. I will be changing the site banner to accommodate it very soon.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Blog revamp now in full swing

After announcing the first Christel Doctor Who special of 2012 yesterday I set about altering the design of the blog to try and cut down on some of the clutter in the sidebar. I have now setup a "page" for all the Christel Doctor Who special episodes. This page will include the specials for this year as well as the four original episodes from 2009 when I have finished updating them.

At the time of writing this post the pages are linked on the sidebar but I shall probably be playing about with their location for a while to come yet.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The first 2012 Christel Special is here...

I can officially confirm that the first of two (or three) Christel Doctor Who special episodes for 2012 will be released during April and be called "Out of Time". This episode will also be very different from any other episode of Christel Doctor Who that you have seen before because it will be an interactive episode in which you, the viewer, has to get directly involved in order to solve a rather wibbly-wobbly problem.

I don't have a set date for release yet but I am aiming for sometime mid-April at the moment. The episode will fit in nicely with Christel Doctor Who canon and as I said before, is something completely different.

I don't think that the episode will be voiced, because of the timeframe that I am working to, but if I can get it produced in time then I may look into it. More news soon...

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Dalek that Time Forgot

As part of the development of the Christel Films blog I am going to begin looking at, and promoting, other peoples Doctor Who fan fiction. I am going to start a section on the sidebar to promote this material and more is to follow soon.

To start off is a fine animated series that I found on youtube called "The Dalek that Time Forgot". It covers the story of a meeting between Dalek Caan and the new Dalek paradigm and is a very clever tale of the Daleks setting up their own existence. Currently the series runs to two episodes, but I am sure more are coming. The episodes are embedded below and I am sure you will agree, they are absolutely amazing!

Part 1...

Part 2...

New Logo reveal to hint at series 4...

On Tuesday (January 17th 2012) I shall release the new Christel Doctor Who logo and as I did with the current one I shall be revealing it in a small 15-20 second trailer. But, the big news is that, in said trailer I shall be hinting at what is to come for series 4 of Christel Doctor Who when it returns in 2013. There will NOT be any footage but just a small hint to keep interest high and to (hopefully) stimulate discussions and theories.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a big announcement concerning the first of the 2012 specials, and then again on Tuesday for the reveal of the Logo.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A very big announcement...

...will be made right here on Sunday (January 15th) concerning news about the first of the 2012 special episodes.


Episodes 1 and 2 Drafted...

As you are probably aware I am currently spending a considerable amount of time writing and I am pleased to say that I am making some good progress. Just last night I finished off the first draft of episode 2 of CDW series 4. That means that the opening two stories of the series are now pretty much ready to be edited and re-drafted. Quite randomly I have also begun work on what will be either episode 9 or 10, which I have been able to do as it will be based on a short-story that I read a while back and have been fond of ever since.

Centerpoint is also progressing nicely. Episode 1 now has a completed first draft and I have episode 2 and 3 mapped and "noted" out, I just need to actually put the dialogue in. There will be more news on Centerpoint soon, but at the moment I want to concentrate on writing so that I can begin filming on time.

Don't forget; the new Christel Doctor Who logo launches on January 17th (My birthday) so be sure to keep checking back for more news and information.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Centerpoint gets guest star...

Having finished the first draft of Centerpoint's first ever episode I can reveal that the Centerpoint team will have a guest star to help guide it for its first mission. This star will not be the Doctor but may also not surprise you when he pops up on screen later this year. The series will be rooted in "Christel canon" and so I wanted at least one character to tie it in with Christel Doctor Who.

I am also changing the format of the series slightly. Series 1 will now run to six episodes instead of 8 and be comprised of a three part opening story, a single story in the middle of the series, and then a two part finale. This is format will then switch to three two-part stories in future series. However, as you will see when series 1 airs, I need a three part story to introduce the concept and the characters.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Christel Doctor Who of the week...The Contingent

As the Guardians of Time revealed at the end of series 3 of Christel Doctor Who the whole reason that they split the Doctor's timeline was because of the "temporal certainty" that was born from one of their meddling ideas. This life form eventually developed to enough of a state where it was able to cement its existence within time and became known as the Contingent.

Believe me when I say you are going to be seeing A LOT of the contingent over the next few years. Whilst I am not prepared to tell you anything about them at the moment, bear in mind that the Guardians of time saw fit to split reality to avoid having to deal with them, so that should give you some idea of what is coming up.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Specials...Special Edition.

As you all know by now Christel Doctor Who actually started way back in 2009 with four special episodes featuring the 10th Doctor. As series 3 closed out in December I rewatched the specials and saw just how old they had become, even in the three years that they have been released. My intention is to "pull a Lucas" and re-master them. I want to bring them up to date with the CURRENT look and quality of the series and as I now have a working(ish) version of the movies I may even add in some small bonus scenes that I had originally planned but never had the knowledge to produce.

This is really my first project for this year and will be something I will get to work on straight away. As preperation for moving in that direction for future projects, I may even look into voice actors for the episodes, but that I will have to confirm later and it will only happen if I get oodles of time.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Current and Future Projects

To keep you abreast of my current working situation I am creating a small info box on the sidebar of the blog that gives you a brief "status update" on the current state of the projects that I am involved in and working on. My projects usually go through a number of phrases, all of which are too detailed and long-winded to describe here, but hopefully it will help you to see what is forthcoming, and give a brief idea of when its ocming, from Christel Films this year.

Friday, 6 January 2012

The 12th Doctor

(Updated May 2012)

Voiced by Edward Gore this Doctor appears much younger, and as you probably realized from his opening comments, seems to have poor eyesight and sports a Mohican-esque haircut! Don't worry,both were purely intentional and will become some of his main characteristics. His costume will change for series 4 but in true Doctor Who tradition the only screen time he has had was during the last few seconds of "The End of Days"so he hasn't had time to change. This of course will also be the first Christel Doctor to be voiced by the wonderfully talented Edward Gore.
The start of a new era for Christel Doctor Who.

The new Doctor's first lines

Exit...Stage Front!
The 12th Doctor's first lines as voiced by Edward Gore, official voice of the 12th CDW Doctor.

I plan to keep this post live on the sidebar from now on, so keep checking back for updates to what can only be described as the first of the Christel Doctor Who Series 4 Character Profiles.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Some Sketchup Work

As you know, at the end of CDW series 3 the TARDIS console room was destroyed meaning I needed to find a new design for series 4. Today I set to work playing about with google sketchup and found some pleasing examples to start off with. Whilst I intend to design my own console room from scratch some of the examples already on google's 3D warehouse are very impressive. A few of them are pictured below....

Infact I would be interested to know which designs you guys prefer. I have a general idea for my design in my head but it is always nice to gauge the views of the fans.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The New Era

Long time supporter of this blog Burkey Said yesterday that he was looking forward to the new "era" of Christel Doctor Who. Well, in a way I am pleased to say that the era has today begun. This morning I had some spare time so I finished off my first draft of Christel Doctor Who series 4 episode 1.

I can't emphasize the whole "first draft" part enough but overall I am pleased with the pace and tone of the episode. Plus I now have a starting point to work on the rest of the series. It has also helped to start me off on my main job between now and April, which will be writing. I want to get as much done as possible on both Christel Doctor Who and Centerpoint, with the latter being the priority so that I can start voice casting and filming in the summer.

That also leads me nicely onto my next piece of news. Following the success of Christel Doctor Who being, in essence, one long six part story I have decided that Centerpoint will loosely follow the same approach. Think of it in the same vein as Torchwood Miracle Day, although hopefully a bit better because I didn't really rate that story that much. Series 1 of Centerpoint will run to 8 episodes and be broadcast in the last quarter of this year. At the moment (which is course subject to change) I am hoping for an October release to run through to Christmas.

Christel Doctor Who of the Week...ARNIE is who!?

I am going to be doing a number of CDW of the week posts simply to catch up on things that you may have missed during the final throws of series 3 of Christel Doctor Who. So much happened, especailly in the epically long episode 6, and I want to make sure that now we have pretty much a year off from CDW that you didn't miss anything.

Anyways, the first little thing was a comment from the Doctor to Tabitha during the last few moments on Gallifrey in episode 6. Believing ARNIE to be dead Tabitha seems shocked to hear the Doctor declare that she must find Parris as he will know to look for Kamelion and that will help to fix ARNIE. As you may or may not know, Kamelion is actually a cyborg character from the classic series. Infact he was a temporary companion of the 5th Doctor.

Here is his picture...
What we don't know yet is how, if at all, he is linked to ARNIE and how this helped Roger to eventually fix ARNIE. We only know that ARNIE was repaired because he was seen at the end of episode 6 performing the marriage service of Tabitha and Roger.

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Canon Explained (well sort of...)

Before I started writing series 3 of Christel Doctor Who I mapped out where I wanted the characters to go and where they had already been within the canon of the series. The main idea was that it would then be easier for me to plot when they should return. Now that series 3 has finished so has my image of where the characters went.

Therefore I thought you might like to see what I have christened the "Official Timeline for Christel Canon". Basically it uses the episodes of each of the series as a reference point and plots the characters journeys through the episodes. The first obvious timeline to follow is Timothy's timeloop. As you know he left the show in series 1, then returned in series 3 only to go on and meet the 10th Doctor in the specials, for everything to start over again. At the moment the timeline includes the Doctor, Timothy, ARNIE and Azmael but I do plan to add more characters and details in time.

I shall possibly add both the 10th(Tennant's) and 11th(Smith's) Doctors next, simply because they did not travel through the Christel universe in the same order as many of the other characters.

Christel Canon...!

So there you have it. Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who has come and gone and the big questions have been answered. In the coming weeks there will be a lot more discussion and analysis of the series, but I have finally been able to establish my own "canon" for the show. Yes it took 3 series and a huge story at the end but I hope it was worth it.

I actually have to thank DanHarma for giving me the idea in the first place, he asked me a couple of years ago where my Doctor stood within Doctor Who Cannon and from there I formulated the overall "guardians of time" story arc that you saw come to a head in series 3. I wanted to create my own Doctor from the start and when Matt Smith appeared in the "official" TARDIS I knew I would have to sort the cannon issue out sooner rather than later.

I am also officially making a request for somebody to do a review of the series. I would love to know what people think. Plus it will help inform the changes that I am making for series 4. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

What to Expect from Christel Films in 2012

2012 is going to be a year of transition for Christel Films. I am resting the "Flagship" show (Christel Doctor Who) and focussing more attention on both ARNIE and my new project Centerpoint. But never fear, this will not be a wasted year as you are now to find out...

Christel Doctor Who

When I said I was resting Christel Doctor Who that wasn't entirely true. Instead of a full (or half) series there will be either two or three special standalone 20-25 minute episodes. I am still playing around with ideas and hope to be able to have something more definite in place soon(I may even have a story from a guest writer). The episodes will be released throughout the year so that they are evenly spread.


This project is to be the major focus of my attention for this year. I am hoping to have lots more news about Centerpoint soon and hope to be able to start filming towards the middle of the year ready for a winter release of series 1; which will run to 8 episodes, be fully voiced and animated. Writing is now well underway and the first stage 'proper' is to begin voice auditions and to cast the main characters. Expect more news soon.

Now the surprises...

ARNIE Series 2

I have actually greenlit a second series of ARNIE and intend it to be shown this year but it will be VERY different. Technical difficulties meant that I could not push ahead with series 2 as I wanted to last year, but this got me thinking. This year I want to take ARNIE to the fans and so I am offering you, the viewer a very unique chance. I am going to be looking for a show-runner to take over the executive production of ARNIE. I will maintain a certain amount of control but the new show-runner will write the majority of the stories and be responsible for some of the production of the episodes. It's a big job, and you'll hear more soon. Please DO NOT start applying yet.

Christel Doctor Who

Whilst you are only going to see two or three episodes of Christel Doctor Who this year the main reason for this is I want to usher in HUGE changes, and believe me when I say that they have been long in the planning and will probably take most of the year to implement. As the BBC did when Matt Smith took over as the Doctor the series will be revamped. Completely. There will be a new logo, new title sequence and much more including some very MAJOR changes to the look of the series. Hopefully this will all be in place ready for the start of series 4 in 2013. You will hear lots about the changes and preparations for series 4 over the course of the year so fear not. The first big announcement will be the new series logo which will launch on January 17th. Which just so happens to be my birthday.

Blog revamp

With the intended changes being made to Christel Doctor Who I will be looking to change the website considerably to. Whilst I intend to update the look, layout and functionality of the blog I will also be making changes that will increase the amount of posts made and hopefully increase the audience that the blog attracts. Keep your eyes out for more news soon as I may be looking for some help.