Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Episode 6 - Press Release

Thank you goes to Blink for this fantastic DVD Cover...

As the TARDIS crew return to the earth of the near future the Doctor is greeted by a mysterious android calling himself A.R.N.I.E. and claming to know the Doctor, however as things quickly go from bad to worse the Doctor and his companions are drawn into a web of lies and deceit that soon turn out to be hiding something with a much darker agenda. Who or what is this A.R.N.I.E? And how does he know the Doctor?

Prince of the West Preview

As promised here is the pre-titles sequence to Prince of the West. It is intended as a test of the new subtitle length to test opinion. Please see what you think and comment accordingly...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Episode 3 - Prince of the West Snippets

With episode three released this weekend I am posting with the regular snippets post to hopefully whet appetites and the like. I also hope to post either tomorrow or Wednesday with the pre-credits sequence just to gauge opinion on the new subtitle lengths. After comments about the first two episodes I have attempted to put the subtitles up for longer; anyway snippets...

1. After having a wardrobe update Tabitha has an encounter with a sleazy sheriff.

2. Then promptly staggers back to the TARDIS a little less worse for wear.

3. Look closely and you will Timothy has his own sonic screwdriver.

4. Its the Wild West, I simply had to do a shootout, but not how you might think.

5. You may want to listen very closely to the prophecy made at the end of the episode.

Episode 3 - Prince of the West

Episode Preview

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Series 1 - So far so good!

With the first two episodes having been released I am pleased to see that I have received very good reviews so far. The episodes have definitely increased traffic to the site, I got three hundred alone over the course of last weekend, which is always good.

I am always pleased to hear peoples opinions on the episodes and I agree with the comments about some of the subtitles not being on screen long enough to read...henceforth I shall be attempting to remedy this from episode 4 I have pretty much completed episode 3 now.

I also hope people have been watching carefully as there have already been a few minor referrences and glimpses of new and different story arcs that I shall attempt to weave into the overall arc. Thank you again for the support and I am truly appreciative of the comments and constructive critiques., it has been an honour to have bloggers such as blink, Dan Harma, Nebula 1 and patar as well as many others watching the episodes and long may that continue. Be sure to keep checking back later on this week for more episode three snippets and information.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Episode 2 - Sins of the Fathers

I am pleased to be able to reveal the second episode of my fan series, Christel Doctor Who, Sins of the Fathers.

In the distant future the Doctor, Timothy and Tabitha encounter super sized lizards and the fiendish Azmael foundation, but who lies at its dark and mysterious core and just what is causing these super sized freaks?


And whilst we are on the subject of Doctor Who series be sure to check out DanHarma's 10th Doctor script series. It started today on his blog (here) and I must say is awesome!
Watch Christel Doctor Who S102 - Sins of the Fathers in Animation | View More Free Videos Online at

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sins of the Fathers - Snippets

Episode two, entitled Sins of the Fathers, is now only two days away today sees five teaser points about the episode for speculation and discussion...

1. The Doctor makes a reference to his 'Leather jacket days', and in doing so pays homage to the ninth Doctor.

2. The episode includes the caption, "about" 3 years ago.

3. Some of the locations for this epsiode are rather smelly.

4. The episode sync's directly into episode three with the Doctor receiving a 'signal'.

5. There is a very interesting cameo right at the end.

Episode 2 - Sins of the Fathers will be exclusively on on Saturday 24th April 2010.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Episode 2 - Sins of the Fathers

Hot off of the heels and apparent success of episode 1 I am pleased to announce that episode 2, entitled Sins of the Fathers is now ready for release at the weekend (24th April). I would like to thank everyone so far for their positive comments concerning episode 1 and I can only hope that it continues after the second. I shall post tomorrow with more information.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Christel Doctor Who Episode 1 - New Beginnings

Although it has taken a long time and a few abortive attempts at a series I am pleased to be posting today to release the first episode of my new Christel Doctor Who Series. Entitled New Beginnings this episode marks the culmination of months of work and possibly even years worth of writing. I hope you all enjoy watching it and look forward to hearing your thoughts. It is embedded below and is probably best watched in full screen mode.

Without further ado may the journeys of the 11th (Christel Films) Doctor commence...

Friday, 16 April 2010

Series 1 Story Arc

I posted a while back about the story arc for series 1 and I am writing today with a little update as I am now coming to write more of the episodes. First off, let me inform you that there is a story arc, and that it is hopefully quite difficult to spot until one moment in the last few episodes, which, is planned to be an "Oh yeah" moment and then may even make you watch earlier episodes back to find the bit that you missed...hopefully. *Crosses fingers*

I also intend to start and finish a few other story arcs throughout the course of the series as well. For instance, it was pointed out to me after the final special last year that it wasn't clear how Timothy Jackson came to know the Doctor in the first place. Even though we know that he is stuck in a timeloop we don't yet know he came to meet the Doctor.

I must point out though that I have avoided trying to put too much into episode 1. I really wanted to just establish the characters whilst keeping some semblance of a story. Plus I only really had 15 minutes to play with as well and I didnt want to rush things too much.

That rounds things off really. The next time I post will be to release episode 1 and then it will have started. Fun times lay ahead (I hope) and I am quite excited about people getting to see the series.

Series 1 : 1 Day to Go

So this time tomorrow New Beginnings will be being uploaded for you all to see. Im so very excited and cant wait for some feedback. Today I am releasing five teaser points about the episode (How very Digital Spy of me) just to whet appetites.

1. The woman that is attacked in the pre-credits scene is actually the same character that I used to portray Rose Tyler in the specials last year...I should add that it actually isn't Rose! But I needed a female character quickly and so employed that one again.

2. We see that Timothy has a rather bad habit; we also see him indulging in it during his first appearance. This soon earns him a quick telling off.

3. We find out that the new Doctor has made some modifications to the TARDIS...some quiet significant.

4. Tabitha is a newspaper reporter and in typical journalist stylee is not shy to ask the odd question or challenge an opinion every now and again.

5. There is a location link to the specials from last year to spot. The Doctor takes Tabitha somewhere that is familiar to both himself and Timothy.

Just a few teasers and things to look out for as you watch. My apologies for not posting yesterday but I was very busy exporting and fine tuning the episode.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Series 1 : 3 Days to Go

With just three days to go until the release of Series 1 here on christelfilms.blogspot I am today releasing 'press releases' about episodes three and four....enjoy

Episode three - Prince of the West

The TARDIS crew investigate the American Wild West as the Doctor receives a distress call. However the Doctor and companions so find things are not as they should be. With an advanced futuristic super soldier on the run and the sheriff of tombstone obviously hiding something the Doctor faces a race against time to find out what importance the mythical ‘crown’ holds before being drawn into the conflict himself.

Episode four - Flight of the Evangilists

The TARDIS crash lands in a seemingly never-ending forest on a planet in what appears to be the distant past, but as strange things begin occurring the Doctor soon comes to some terrifying conclusions and has to ask some equally terrifying questions; Who are the evangilists? What are they here to collect? And what is swarming once more in the forest?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Series 1 : 4 Days to Go

As I have been busy preparing series 1 of Christel Doctor Who I haven't really done that much on my other side project. This is the first part of Chapter 5 of Doctor Who Salvation which is my tenth Doctor/Terminator crossover story. Part 2 will follow later in the week, for now though enjoy...If you have missed any of the previous characters check the story out on its own mini-site. Link to be found to the right...

Chapter 5

Califronia State Penetentiary

August 25th 2009

Jack Harkness pounded the floor of the briefing room as he attempted to take in what Martha was telling him. This sounded for all he knew like something way beyond him and although Jack adored the limelight and adoration of problem solving sometimes wished the Doctor would just sweep in and take all the worry out from underneath him.

Martha continued with her briefing and as Jack continued to track from side to side across the room Mickey Smith and Gwen Cooper listened intently, “He claims that his name is Marcus Wright but since there is no record of him anywhere in the system we can’t even be sure of that”. This was enough of a revelation for Gwen who interjected, “How come he isn’t on any system?”

“You tell me” replied Martha, “Between us we can pretty much locate anybody we wanted to…but this guy is a ghost…he was never born, and he never existed”,

“Yet he sitting in there telling stories of robots sent to kill him” interrupted Mickey, “Which sounds all too familiar to me” boasted Jack. “I need to talk to him.” Ordered Jack, Martha knew it would be almost pointless to object and so gave in pretty easily, “Be my guest” she quipped “He’s a tough one though, I’ll warn you.”

“Oooh just my type” joked Jack; but underneath he knew that something wasn’t right and he didn’t want his worst fears to be correct.

The shear blankness of the interview room became apparent the minute he entered. It was cold. Adorned with only a small chair and table, plain in appearance and in function Jack scanned the room quickly and found himself almost comforted by the fact that he had been allowed to enter the room first . All the way along the far wall of the room was a mirror, normal on this side but see through on the other, he knew Mickey, Martha and Gwen would be standing there right now watching probably joking about how long it would take him to look in the mirror and correct his hair. The room was silent. Jack was pensive.

The silence was shattered with the crack of cold steel and the grinding and whining of the door hinges. In came a medium height man escorted by a guard. He sat in the chair opposite Jack and slumped back into his seat as much as his cuffs and prison outfit would allow him to. Jack whipped his head around to the door and the waiting guard took the hint to leave. The door whined shut again laving the room silent. Jack reached into his jacket and removed his colt 45 pistol placing the heavy weapon onto the middle of the table. The person opposite him didn’t even blink, it was at this point that Jack knew he had to change tact, and also at this point that he began to formulate a strategy.

He leaned forward in his chair and rested his elbows on the edge of the cold table, resting his chin in his hands and looked into the eyes of the person sitting opposite him. “So then Marcus? How’s things?”. Marcus shifted back in his chair and his eyes quickly scanned the room however Jack had noticed that he still hadn’t even looked at the weapon.

Series 1 : 5 Days to Go


I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Christel Films competition to have an episode featured in series 2 of Christel Doctor Who is Blink (See his blog here). His story entitled "The Evil that Had to be" is a very interesting ideaand as he said in his application...

"it is based around a thought of the Doctor’s in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’. When faced with the task of destroying the Daleks, he questions “If there was a child that you knew would grow up to be utterly evil, could you kill that child?” My idea for a story is set in 1894, Germany, when Adolf Hitler is only five years old. He’s just an innocent boy, with no idea of the monster he will become in the future."

Obviously Im not going to give too much away but I shall be working with Blink now to fine tune the episode and begin writing at some point before the end of series 1.

Congratulations to Blink and thank you to the rest of the entrants.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Series 1 : 6 Days to Go

With 6 days to go until the release of Christel Doctor Who Series 1 I though it may be a good idea to remind people of how the (Christel Films version of) 11th Doctor came to be and the events that led to the regeneration of the 10th Doctor.

Therefore I have pulled together the four special episodes from last year so that people who missed them or were unsure of the story could watch again and enjoy.

Special 1 - Grand Designs
(So back to where it all began with a new enemy in the Next of Kin and a futuristic UNIT)

Special 2 - The Planet of Souls
(If I had to pick a favourite episode from the specials this would be it. Plus the cliffhanger at the end is fantastic...I think; and Ida Scott is back!)

Special 3 - Day of the Daleks
(The daleks are back to hatch their most fiendish plan ever but the 10th Doctor has a lot more on his plate as well. With the apparent return of Rose Tyler and the mysterious 'man in the green suit'.)

Special 4 - Endgame
(Christel Films bids farewell to the 10th Doctor in the final of the four specials. Having crossed his own timeline to help his 10th incarnation the 11th Doctor also has a score to settle and the stage is set as the two Doctors go head to head with the Daleks and the Master!)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Series 1 : 7 Days to Go

Although it has seemed such a long time since I announced the launch date of the series back in January there is no only a week to go until Christel Doctor Who Series 1 is with us. Episode 1, entitled New Beginnings will premiere on at around 7pm on Saturday 17th April...I say about because it all depends on upload speeds on the day.

As far as the rest of the series is concerned I shall then be releasing an episode every week until taking an Amerian syle mid series break of four weeks between episode 6 and 7. The idea of doing this was borne out of the fact that I needed time to write and animate the episodes and so that I could make improvements to storylines and episodes later in the series once people had seen the first few. As I write this I am finishing the script for episode 5 and this week I shall begin fine tuning episode 6, which willl be a bit of a special if all goes to plan.

I also had it confirmed this week that I shall be writing an episode for series 2 of Dan Harma's Doctor Who Series 4b project, (Here) The episode is entitled Ghosts in the Machine and I am very excited to have my work featured in another series. In return Dan has also expressed an interest in writing for Christel Doctor Who Series 2 so watch this space.

On a final note I am still checking the competition entries and will announce the winner on Monday, thank you again to all entrants.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Episodes 7 to 13

As part of the countdown to Christel Doctor Who Series 1 I am pleased to be able to announce the titles of episodes 7 to 13, so without further ado...

7. Hotel Gothika
8. The Helsinki Incident
9. The Metal Legion
10. Curse of a Timelord
11. Where the Dark Things Play
12. (TBA)
13. Legends of a Timelord

Okay so episode 12 needs to stay a secret but that really would give everything away. Episodes 8 and 9 are a two-part story and episodes 12 and 13 are the two part story that make up the finale.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Competition and Episodes 1 to 6 Round Up

The April 1st deadline for the Christel Doctor Who competition has come and gone and in total I received 4 entries, which I am pleased with. I shall make an announcement about the winner shortly...I need a little time to sort through the entries and see how well they will fit.

Plus I have had someone ask me where and when each of the episodes will be set, so I thought it might be nice to list the first six quickly. I am hoping to be able to release names for 5 of the 7 episodes of the second half soon.

ep1. New Beginnings - Present Day Earth.
ep2. Sins of the Father - Future Earth
ep3. Prince of the West - Wild West Earth (so that means the past)
ep4 and ep5. Both VERY distant past and future - Mars(Two Part story)
ep6. A.R.N.I.E. Future Earth.