Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's all go at Christel Films...

Over the last few days I have finalised the episode line up for Series 2 of Christel Doctor Who, finished episode 1 of ARNIE, and submitted an episode to Burkey, who is coincidentally writing for this series, for his very own animated Doctor Who Series. (More Info Here).

Over the course of this coming week I expect to be able to release the first information about a release date for ARNIE (Hopefully in the form of a trailer). I am also hopefully going to release some more information about some of the episodes in series 2 of Christel Doctor Who so make sure you stay tuned for that. I know it sounds a tad cliche but after finally getting the episode lineup finished and ready this new series is really going to be a roller coaster ride and hopefully a step up from series 1.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Series 2 - Production Block 1

Estimated Time of Production: Mid November to Early December

4 Episodes in Total

Episode 7. Picnic at Asgard, Written by Burkey.

Episode 3. Death on the Line, Written by Blink.

Episode 1. Hearts of Stone, Written by Captinfranko.
Episode 9. TBA

Note: This block of production is aimed at doing the episodes that have been written by the guest writers for the series. It gives me longer to work on the scripts I have to write and allows time for the writers to fine tune their scripts.

Series 2 Production Blocks (Update)

I am in the process of updating the sidebar on the site with information about some of the episodes of series 2 of Christel Doctor Who. At the moment the episodes are arranged in their production blocks and as I am animating them I shall endeavor to update the posts with sneak peaks and 'set reports' as I have been doing with the Christmas Special.

ARNIE Episode 1 Synopsis

Production is now well underway on series 1 of ARNIE and I am pleased to report that I nearly have the first episode finished. Below is the episode synopsis...

Series 1, Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins. ARNIE is something special, an extremely advanced futuristic robot who is trapped in the 20th century. With only his new friend Sargeant Parris to help him ARNIE must now begin piecing together the clues about his creation, but Firstly, he must retrieve something very dear to him...a computer chip; the only possession that he remembers having has been stolen and it could provide all the answers that he needs; Then again, it could bring about a lot more questions...Who has stolen ARNIE's chip? Who is lurking in the offices of Nimth corps? And just who are the Vespalax?

I am also hoping to produce a trailer at some point this week or next giving details of the release date for the series. The good news is that there isnt long to wait though...

Monday, 25 October 2010

ARNIE Production bgins in earnest.

Over the course of this week I shall be concentrating on completing production on Series 1 of ARNIE. I have set myself this time frame as I need to start thinking about Christel Doctor Who Series 2 and this week is perfect in which to get the five episodes of ARNIE finished. That means that you can expect a (Launch Date) trailer for series 1 of ARNIE by the end of the week and episodes synopsis as well. Stay tuned for more info.


Burkey, who is writing for series 2 of Christel Doctor Who, has today announced new information about his series of Doctor Who, based around his own version of the 12th Doctor. So be sure to check that out Here.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tabitha's New Look (Part 2)

As promised earlier here are the first shots of Tabitha's new outfit for the Christmas special. The two shots show the new coat that she will be donning to cope with the snowy conditions that will occur in the Christmas Special. Enjoy...

Tabitha's New Look (Part 1)

I am currently doing some more animation for the Christmas Special (How the Doctor Stole Christmas) and I have finished working on an addition to Tabitha's wardrobe. The reason for this addition comes about due to the presence of snow in the episode and I couldn't bring myself to send poor Tabitha out into the cold in just her trademark black coming later today will be exclusive new shots of Tabitha's new outfit for the episode including a rather dashing long coat. Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Christmas Special first Images

Below is the first image from 'on set' during production of the christel Doctor Who Christmas special. I was doing a test shot with the new snow covered set and thought what a great shot it would make as a first teaser. I promised snow, and snow will be duly delivered. Enjoy.

More shots will follow as production steps up.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Production Updates...

Although it has been rather quiet post wise this week, I am happy to announce that production schedules are now beginning to kick up some gears and both the Christmas Special and series 1 of ARNIE are beginning to take shape. As I reported earlier on I have the script for the Christmas special finished now and I have already started tiny little bits of the animations.

ARNIE is the main priority at the moment and I intend to do the production in a single block next week when I have a bit of time off of work.

Christel Doctor Who Series 2 is also well on track to start production and that should occur towards the end of November. I have scheduled 3 blocks of production and intend to have all of the episodes ready for the release of the series next year.

In other news I also intend to do a post during next week of the whole of series 1. I got some good reviews of the series but I know that some people have also come along late and may not have yet seen it all so I felt that a post with the entire of the series in it was in order. Until then, thanks for the continued support. There will more ARNIE and Christel Doctor Who News very soon.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Christmas Special goes into Production

I am pleased to inform you that the first ever Christel Doctor Who Christmas Special entitled, How the Doctor Stole Christmas, has tonight entered the production phase. I finished the script a few hours ago and so started doing some very tiny pieces of animation for the episode. Over the course of the coming weekend I shall work more on the episode and try and post some 'set reports' as well.

Obviously I can't give too much away on the plot front but I can promise snow, mince pies and UNIT.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

How it all Began

After a quick conversation on the cbox last night I was pleased to see that people are still watching the four special episodes from 2009 that began the Christel Doctor Who story. So I have decided to repost them together and in one place so that folks can enjoy them and see once more how the whole thing started. I would like to think that the episodes have come a long way since the specials and now I look back on them I think the stories may have been a bit over the top, but hey, it is Doctor Who. Enjoy!

Grand Designs

Watch Christel Doctor Who Grand Designs in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at

The Planet of Souls

Watch The Planet of Souls in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Day of the Daleks

Watch Christel Doctor Who Day of the Daleks in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at


Watch Endgame in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Christel Doctor Who Series 2 Guest Writers

Over the course of the week I have received first drafts of scripts from two of the three guest writers that are writing for series 2 of Christel Doctor Who. Both Blink (Here) and Burkey (Here) have been working very hard and I am very excited about their scripts as they look absolutely amazing...

The official guest writer lineup looks like this...

Blink - 1 episode, Death on the Line
Burkey - 1 episode, TBA (We have a title but it may give too much away at the moment)
DanHarma - 2 episodes, TBA and TBA

Many thanks to both Burkey and Blink for their hard work already and the great scripts they have delivered. I am also very excited about the project that me and DanHarma are working on and hope to be able to announce more soon. I can tell you that it is a two-part story and that it will be quite something. More news when it comes around.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Series 2 production Starts!!!

On Sunday I received the first (Very good) draft of Blink's series 2 script entitled Death on the Line. This officially put series 2 into the next stage of production as it was the first script to be finished. You may or may not remember that Blink won the competition on this blog to write for series 2. He has worked very hard on the script and the first draft is awesome!

Last night I spent time blocking production for series 2 and I have planned out a rough timeframe with which to do everything in and still have a life left at the end. There will be three blocks of production with the first beginning mid-November and finishing no later than the second week of December and this will include all of the episodes written by the guest writers. I am very excited about these episodes as I have some truly fantastic guest writers on board. I plan to do these episodes first as I will have finished scripts to hand and be ready to go into production, therefore giving me more time to fine tune the rest of the scripts.

I shall then run the other two production blocks either side of Christmas and be ready for approximately Late March of next year, and I really can't stress the LATE of that sentence enough. I know this seems a long way off but I don't want to have to rush a single episode of this series! To keep people interested I have ARNIE series 1 coming out between now and Christmas and the Christel Doctor Who Christmas episode. Also, once production starts expect to hear set reports and see snapshots from on set. Lots to look forward to. So all that is left for me to say is that series 2 officially begins here...

Monday, 4 October 2010

A.R.N.I.E. Series 1 Episode Titles

Yesterday I revealed information about ARNIE series 1 and today I am posting to reveal the titles of the five episodes that will make up series 1. As I said yesterday the opening story of series 1 will be a stand alone story and act almost as a pilot episode to establish the series, the other four episodes will then be split into two-part stories.

Story 1
1. The Hunt Begins

Story 2
2. The times of Change
3. An Uncertain Future

Story 3

4. The Caves of Azmael
5. Back From the Future

You may notice that episode 4 has an intriguing title. As I said yesterday, ARNIE is set within Christel Doctor Who Cannon and so expect this to one of many references to its parent series. I hope this whets appetites enough. I am expecting to be able to release a trailer soon. More news as it comes about...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

A.R.N.I.E. Series 1 News

Since series 1 of Christel Doctor who finished I have been busy beavering away on the first series of the spin off entitled ARNIE. Based around the robot protagonist of the same name that featured in episode 6 of Christel Doctor Who, the series teams ARNIE up with companion Roger Parris (Also seen in series 1 of Christel Doctor Who) as the two hunt for clues about ARNIE's past and ultimately try to find out who created the robot.

ARNIE's special ability is that he is fitted with a working perception filter so he can disguise himself as any person that he has been in contact with; something which is bound to get him into trouble from time to time.

The first series will feature 5 episodes (Previously 6) of approximately 10 minutes in length. There will be two two-part stories and one one-part story to open the series. I shall produce this series in the same way as Christel Doctor Who but use new overlays to give the episodes more of a comic book theme and so separate them from the parent series.

In terms of a release for the series I am still hoping to have it ready by the last week of Novemeber so that it runs almost up to Christmas and is then followed by the Christel Doctor Who Christmas Special. Although it is set in the Christel Doctor Who universe don't expect to see the Doctor in this series. I want it to stand on its own and whilst it will follow Christel Cannon and the Doctor may be mentioned there are no plans for a special guest appearance.

Later in the week I shall post with episode names and begin disclosing more information closer to release. On a final note. The New banner for the blog reveals the logo for the Series. Enjoy...

p.s. Christel Doctor Who Series 2 news coming soon...

How the Doctor Stole Christmas officialy the title of the first ever Christel Doctor Who Christmas special. Although I am yet to confirm a release date for the episode I can confirm it will be shown during the Christmas week at some point.

The story is one that I have had in mind for a while and the more writing I have done on it the better I think it is becoming, so hopefully people will like it. I know you hear this every year but it really is a traditional Christmas tale, with what I think is a very nice (if not slightly cheesy) ending.

In the meantime I am busy planning and writing for Series 1 of ARNIE, the Christel Doctor Who, spinoff and I shall be posting either later today or tomorrow with more information about that.

Presenting....TARDIS Tours

TARDIS Tours is finally here, and with a special treat at the end. This is just designed as a little side project and something fun so please don't look at it in the same way you would an episode. Anyways, enjoy...