Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Not Long Now!!

With the release of Christel Doctor Who Series 1 on April 17th I am pleased to report that things are progressing very well. The first three episodes are completely finished as I had planned at this point and just now need the subtitles adding; I hope to continue work on episodes 4,5 and 6 over the Easter break.

Don't forget as well that the competitio£n $deadline i%s Apri^l 1st 2010&** which^%$ is t£his Thursday so for those y&**)(^[COMMUNICATIONS INTERRUPTION/INTERNAL SERVER ERROR PLEASE CONTACT HOST : DATELINE 2010 - Please submit this error message in your report: This is a subwave network broadcast, if anyone can hear this please help. Code red! project A.R.N.I.E. is online, all parties respond]....@.....$>%%£@£%$£@..of you who are yet to enter please do so to be in with a chance of having your episode in series 2.

Plus I am also writing for DanHarma's wonderful Doctor Who Script series "4b", check it out here.

On a final note, please keep checking back as series 1 draws nearer as I can promise that the release of the series will mean only the beginning of the fun.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Slight Change to plans

I did promise that this weekend would see both a new banner and a new teaser trailer and whilst I have done the banner I have changed y mind on the trailer. Instead I have uploaded the pre-title sequence from episode 1: New Beginnings to hopefully whet appetites. Enjoy!

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Teaser/Banner at the Weekend.

I have been working on the first 3 episodes over the last few days but I also hope to find time to release a small teaser trailer for the new series along with a new banner for the blog to begin the official countdown to the release of the series. Thanks for all the comments and interest so far.

Don't forget also to enter the competition to be in with a chance of having your own idea for an episode included into series 2 of Christel Doctor Who.

I am also pleased to announce that I found this blog by DanHarma and plan to do some writing/promotional work for his own doctor who script series...which is very good! In return he has also agreed to be a writer for Christel Doctor Who series 2. Although its early days (especially seeings as series 1 hasnt been released yet) I am really pleased to make this link as it means I can open the series up to other writers and therefore spread the word a little more (hopefully).

EDIT - New Banner uploaded hope you like. Trailer to follow hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Series 1 - Progress Report

Hi all, with the release of series now just over one month away things are progressing nicely. I have the first two episodes fully animated and five of the scripts for the first six episodes almost finished with just polishing and checking to do. I do hope to have another trailer ready before the end of the month and then we can truly start the countdown to April 17th. Thanks to everyone for the support so far and don't forget to enter the competition...you could have your episode featured in series 2.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Christel Films Competition

Okay I announced this a while back and I am now pleased to be able to officially launch the first Christel Doctor Who competition.

Although series 1 of Christel Doctor Who hasn't even been released yet I already have a story arc for season two and the majority of the stories as rough outlines...however I do have a gap...one which I left on purpose. Therefore (Drum roll please)...........Im giving you the opportunity to write an episode of Series 2!!!

All I need from entrants at the moment is an episode synopsis...no longer than 250 words just so that I can gauge an idea of what the story would involve and what it would take to animate; as well as to see how well it would fit into the overall arc of the season. If successful then you would be expected flesh the script out and write it...then submit it to me for final checks before having your name up in lights in a Christel Doctor Who Series 2 episode.

The plot of the episode is pretty much up to you (Could even be Doctor or companion-lite) but there are some basic rules...

1. Must be (either) on a different planet or in a different time zone (Preferrably both).
2. No Daleks or Cybermen (Completely flogged to death in all who media IMHO and Im looking for something new).
3. Must be a single episode and not a finale. I write the arc for the season first and so I already know what will happen at the end of season 2.
4. Whilst I would prefer not to really do any crossovers (Doctor Who and Star Trek) I wont rule them out completely.
5. Ties in with number 3 really...but the TARDIS cannot be destroyed. Dont want anything that is too final.

This is an idea that I had a while back and if it proves to be a popular one I might invite people to write for further series. Firstly, to keep it fresh and secondly to help promote interest. Contact me with entries via email at captinfranko@aol.com Deadline is April 1st 2010. Good Luck!!