Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Series 3 is on it's Way

So here we have it...the official first look at series 3 of Christel Doctor Who. This teaser trailer not only gives a slight idea of the story but also gives some big reveals about characters to...watch, enjoy, speculate at will...

Where It All Began

Having promised this earlier today I am now very pleased to be able to present to you, in its entirety, the very first episode of Christel Doctor Who. Here is Grand Designs once more, posted with the original synopsis, enjoy...

Plot Summary - The Doctor crash lands in a futuristic London to find that things have changed and the world he once new is no longer the same. Added to this is the fact that the TARDIS needs a complete overhaul, something that in turn leads to a few problems, especially as the next of kin come knocking...

Grand Designs

Plot Hints -

- Security Guard Jackson is the Doctors assistant...but not in the way you may think.
- The Doctor goes all stunt-performer at one point in the episode.
- The new TARDIS interior actually incorporates more than one command deck...as we shall see.
- The TARDIS takes quite a battering in this episode.
- For some reason the Next of Kin and UNIT are at war.
- The Doctor is very mobile in this episode...he definitely earnt his stunt wings shooting this epsiode.
- I was oriignally going to call Timothy Jackson Tad...but thought better of it when my girlfriend informed me that he sound like he should be in Nieghbours.

From small ACORN's, terror grows.

My next animated project, entitled Centerpoint is due next year and with little known about the project I can give you a new piece of information today. It should be noted that planning and writing for Centerpoint are at very early stages, indeed I am not aiming for release until late next year, but I do have an idea of the rough story arc and the "Big-bad" that this will involve.

"ACORN" is something that you will need to be looking out for between now and next winter as it will feature heavily in Centerpoint and may even have a guest appearance in Christel Doctor Who beforehand. 

I can also confirm that agent 3 will appear again in Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who and will be present to recruit more people to the "new" Centerpoint foundation so be sure to watch out for him as well.

Set Report 3: Pastures old and New

Filming moved to a brand new set today and the scene was setup for what looked like a Museum exhibition. Security was very tight around the outskirts of the sight but what we did manage to gleam was that the Doctor and a VERY familiar face were present and the Doctor met the curator of the museum exhibition.

Whilst again, there were no pictures, there was some interesting dialogue that was picked up on. At one point the Doctor asked the curator if he could see "The Window".

Series 3 Episode Names

As part of today's brithday celebrations I can officially announce the titles of the six episodes that will make up Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who. I am very excited about series 3 of Christel Doctor Who and with the teaser trailer set to air later today I can't wait to show you what I have in store. Here are the episode titles to begin whetting those collective appetities...

S301 - An Imperfect World

S302 - Evil of a Timelord

S303 - War of the Worlds

S304 - False Dawn

S305 - The Halls of Creation

S306 - End of Days

Series 2 Viewers Poll

You the viewers have spoken. With 33% of the vote your favorite episode of Christel Doctor Who Series 2 was episode 10, The lying old Witch in the Wardrobe. I am pleased you liked this episode as I felt I had rushed it at the time and some of the story had been overlooked. It is also an episode that needs watching again bearing in mind what is to come in series 3.

On the slightly more coincidental side of things, this is also the second time that episode 10 has been chosen as the fan favorite. Episode 10 of series 1, The curse of a Timelord was also chosen...spooky. Here is the episode again, in case you have forgotten what happened.

Part 1

Part 2

As a matter of interest I would be keen to know which episode you all think is the better, Curse of a timelord from series 1, or this. Answers in the comments section if you please :)

Happy Birthday Christel Films

On August 30th 2009 I tentatively hit the "publish post" button to release the very first episode of Christel Doctor Who, entitled Grand Designs it was a story about the tenth doctor and his struggle to rebuild the TARDIS after it crash landed in London of 2021. Little did I know that after hitting that button that two years later Christel Doctor who would have spurned two full series and have its own spin-off show. Okay I hoped, but I didn't know for sure.

There have been so many people who have helped me and supported the series over the course of those two years that I couldn't possibly try to thank you all in just this one post, but to mention a few I must say big thank you-s to Jess (The original owner of Planet Gallifrey), Sylar (for helping me to move to blogger), Blink and Burkey (For giving thier fantastic support to the series and writing amazing stories that helped me push the boundaries of what was possible with the movies and finally to everybody else that follows this blog and watches the episodes giving their support and criticism.

Over the course of today's birthday celebrations I have a number of things planned....

-I am currently re-uploading Grand Designs so that you can see where Christel Doctor started (and how far it has come).
- I shall release the episode names for series 3 of Christel Doctor Who
- I shall be posting the episode that won the viewers poll for favourite series 2 episode.
- I will be revealing a little more Centerpoint information.
- I shall also be revealing some of the first series 3 promotional images.

So lots to look forward to today, keep checking back for all the fun and information as it is posted. Thank you once again.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Last Chance to Vote

Don't fogret to vote for your favorite episode of Christel Doctor Who Series 2. Remember the winning episode will be shown again on August 30th, the official 2 year anniversary of Christel Doctor Who.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Robert Carlyle

The avatar of the my 11th Doctor was actually originally based on Robert Carlyle believe it or not.  I had heard a rumor that he would be the 11th doctor in real life and so tried to create something that looked a bit like him. The Doctor only looks older due to a weird bug in the movies that automatically sets the age and weight sliders to maximum when I put the costume on. I put the weight slider back to normal and was about to move the age one when I realized that i actually liked how the Doctor looked anyway.
Do you think it looks like him? I'm not sure it does...but hey...

Set Report 2: You're Scottish, fry something...

Filming moved locations today and although it was impossible to get inside the TARDIS console room set to actually photograph any of the filming, the Doctor and Amy Pond were seen entering the set ready to commence filming...oh well, I suppose that confirms that Amy is back for Series 3!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Set Report 1: Double Vision

Filming of Christel Doctor Who series 3 is now underway and this post is the first in a new series that aims to bring you up to date with what is happening "on-set". Today's filming proved minimal but what was shot was confined to one set, nicknamed "The city block corridor". Before being ushered off site by Christel security one eagle-eyed fan managed to catch this unbelievable picture of two identical TARDIS' apparently sitting at the end of said corridor, strange...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Series 3 has begun!

Very very excited about this! Earlier today series 3 of Christel Doctor Who began filming. Work centered on the pre-title sequences to episode 1 and 3. I have also had a slight problem with the movies exporting footage recently and so I am pleased to have solved this as well. To mark the start of filming for series 3 I will be starting a new series of posts known as "set-reports" to hopefully try and keep you up to date with what is happening as filming progresses. Thats all for now...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birthday Celebrations Shaping up Nicely!

August 30th 2011 marks two-years to the day since Christel Doctor Who started and I am planning a variety of things to post on that day. Just to whet your appetites here is the confirmed plan for the day so far:

- ARNIE Series 2 Trailer
- Christel Doctor Who Series 3 promotional images
- I will show your favourite episode of Christel Doctor Who Series 2 (Don't forget to vote)
- There will be new Centerpoint information.
- I will also reveal all six CDW Series 3 episode names!

...and I can exclusively reveal that there will be a very early sneak peek Christel Doctor Who Series 3 trailer...If you hadnt already guessed I am very excited about series 3 of Christel Doctor Who and I am working like mad at the moment to try and cut together a teaser trailer that will get you guys as excited as I am about it.

Anyways, this rounds off the first round of what is to come on August 30th, don't forget to vote for your favourite episode of Series 2. Keep checking back for updated info on the birthday celebrations.

Monday, 22 August 2011

ARNIE Series 2 Begins to take shape

Over the last few days I have been hard at work on ARNIE series 2. I have nearly completed the first episode and will soon set about casting voice actors for the two main roles, so be sure to check back for more info on that very soon.

I am also very pleased to announce that RandomWho has written episodes 2 and 3 of series 2. Episode 2 is called London's Raptor and episode 3 is called The Second Anomaly. These episodes are also very special as they are Primeval crossover stories. I for one have never seen Primeval but I am assured it is rather good and the scripts that Random has delivered are very exciting and action packed, involving dinosaurs and "glass-shard anomalies".

I am hoping to be able to debut an ARNIE trailer on August 30th when Christel Doctor Who turns two years old, but for now thats all folks. Be sure to check back soon...

Monday, 15 August 2011

Pick your Favorite Episode of Series 2...

Now that series 2 of Christel Doctor Who has finished I am again asking you to vote for what you thought was the best episode. I did the same for series 1 of Christel Doctor Who and episode 10, The curse of a Timelord won that vote so I would be interested to see which you thought was the best episode of series 2. The poll to vote with is located in the side bar and will stay active until 10pm of August 29th. The winner of the vote will then be shown again on this blog on August 30th, the 2 year anniversary of Christel Doctor Who starting.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just what is it with 10 and 11...

Numerous people have asked me why the 10th and 11th Doctors keep popping up in Christel Doctor Who. Firstly I should say that their appearances are planned and they have a massive role to play in the grand scheme of things. Obviously I cant tell you what their role is but I am writing this post just to give you a quick heads up of when and where they have popped up so far in Christel Doctor Who in case you have missed any appearances. So here goes...

Series 1, Episode 6 - ARNIE
Although the doctors aren't physically present in the episode ARNIE starts the intrigue by presenting David Tennants 10th Doctor and then following that up with the image of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. This causes the Doctor to ask who the "final face" was. It also causes a short debate between ARNIE and the Doctor about the true identity of the Doctors 11th face. More interestingly though, it does imply that ARNIE has already seen, or knows of the 11th Doctor(Matt Smith's version at least).

(as you can see I did eventually replace the Matt Smith avatar for one that I felt represented him a little better)

Series 1 Christmas Special - How the Doctor Stole Christmas
This is the first physical appearance of the Doctors on the show and it takes place right after the Doctor and Tabitha have left. The two Doctors step into shot and although they have very little screen time they state simply that they "made it here" and that "he is not ready yet, he needs more time". Their appearance implies that they have been watching this version of the Doctor and that they know what is happening to him...

ARNIE Series 1, Episode 5 - Back from the Future
The two Doctors appear for the second time after the end credits of ARNIE series 1. They talk briefly about how ARNIE is now in the right place and how another piece of the puzzle is now in place. The 11th Doctor states that they then must be off as they cannot keep poor old Hectus waiting...at the time this reference wasn't understood, but the next time appeared was...

Series 2, Episode 6 - Memoirs of a Timelord
After the Doctor and Tabitha leave the Menos monks the 10th and 11th Doctors appear again and talk to Hectus about the memories that the Doctor has just experienced.This is the first time that the Doctors imply that they know what is happening to the "Christel" Doctor.  It also follows on from their appearance at the end of ARNIE series 1 in which they stated that they couldn't keep Hectus waiting any longer. This further adds to the idea that they are actually involved in some of the events that befall the Doctor and/or have a knowledge of what is happening...

Series 2, Episode 11 - Vault 101
This was actually the first time that the Doctors appeared as part of the story and not just in a post-credits scene. As the Doctor went to visit Ida Scott(The Oracle) and then River Song the 10th and 11th Doctors were there to reassure the characters that they had done the right thing and that the Doctor needed time. The 10th Doctor again hinted at a greater knowledge of what was happening when he said that the Doctor simply needed to do this part "by himself". It is still not known what he meant by this, but it does again show, as thier conversation with Hectus earlier in the series, that other characters know of a greater scheme unfolding.

Series 2, Episode 12 - The Enemy Within
This final appearance hints at a much darker scheme occurring behind the scenes. The Doctors know talk of the Doctor having "crossed over" and the time streams being "harder to navigate" because of this. They also seem much more resigned to the fate that is about to befall this Doctor. They do also say that the "time is nearly here" and that "They are on to us", although it is unclear as to who this "they" is it does again highlight the fact that these two regenerations of the Doctor know of something very big which is nearly here...
So that gets you up to date, so far...the two doctors will be back in series 3...and in a big way...but then I suspect you knew that already. Keep an eye out for them, their appearances are building towards a massive pay off and the conclusion of a number of huge story arcs. As the 10th Doctor said "So, It's nearly time then?"

Friday, 12 August 2011

Playing About...

Having finally managed to lay my hands on a copy of After Effects I am now beginning to play around with the software in more depth. I am hoping to be able to use it to spice up the visual side of series 3 of Christel Doctor Who. Having played for a bit this afternoon I was able to improve the regeneration effect that I used for the Cardinal in Series 2, However, I haven't got that raw footage anymore so I used some old footage I found from Endgame when the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th Doctor that we know and love today. See what you think, comments and constructive critiscsm always welcomed...

Introducing - The Rani

Whether you guessed it or not the truth that changed everything was that Tabitha Mortimer turned out to be the Rani; or at least she was possessed by the will of the Rani that had been hidden in the Trojan vault. I tried to model the look of the Rani on some old images that I had found from the old TV series and I dont think she turned out too badly...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Introducing...Agent 3

Although he only appears very briefly at the end of the Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe, Agent 3 turns up to recruit the Cardinal after his Tardis blew up and he regenerated. He also cryptically revealed that it was indeed the Cardinal who sent Agent 3 to recruit the Cardinal. Which of course is nicely confusing and leads to lots of timeloop speculation. Agent 3's appearance, the first of what will be many in Christel Doctor Who also properly starts the Centerpoint recruitment drive so be sure to keep an eye out for him popping up every now and again to recruit different people to the Centerpoint Foundation...

This of course officially starts Centerpoint as a concept so I am very excited about what is coming in the next few months and beginning the build up to Centerpoint...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Cardinal Regeneration

The cardinal regenerating at the end of episode 9, The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe actually marked the first occasion that I used software other than the movies to edit the series with. Having downloaded a trial version of Adobe After Effects I managed to make the regeneration effect you saw in the episode. Generally I was really pleased with the way the effect came out and I intend to now find a cheap copy of After Effects somewhere to continue adding greater visual effects to the series in the future...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Episode 12, The Enemy Within

So after a delay, which is the fault of youtubes upload thingy (technical term) here is the final episode of Christel Doctor Who Series 2 for you to enjoy. Make sure you watch all the way to the end for a cliffhanger that hopefully nobody will see coming.

Part 1...

Part 2...

Following the earlier news that I posted about series 3 I am hoping to have a series 3 teaser trailer ready for August 30th which will make two years of Christel Doctor Who.

Back form holiday...episodes 11 and 12, series 3 and ARNIE...

Hi all, I am back from my holiday and refreshed. I am also ready to crack on with further Christel Doctor Who related stuff. First on my list will be actually getting episodes 11 and 12 of series 2 to air. I had got 10 and 11 uploaded before I went but I must have setup the post for episode 11 incorrectly as it did not post (It is now posted directly below this post). Episode 12 just wouldn't upload in time for me to sort it out before I went on holiday but never fear it will be with you by the end of today which will finish off series 2 of Christel Doctor Who.

With that in mind I can make the next big(ish) series 3 announcement. A total of 18 hours on a plane over the last week has allowed me to completely write all of the six episodes of series 3, meaning that I can move into production relatively soon. I always knew the basic outline of series 3 but actually sitting down and writing it has given me "the bug" again and I really cant wait to get started. I am hoping to have series 3 ready for approximately the final 6 weeks of this year, but again I will confirm this closer to the time.

In other news I am now stepping up production on ARNIE series 2. I have begun making a few of the scenes and will be starting to cast voice actors for the roles of ARNIE and Roger Parris relatively soon. I am hoping to have the series ready soon but I am taking a more relaxed approach to its production in as I will be sticking with the "episodes will be shown when ready" philosophy instead of "get one ready for every week".