Thursday, 28 January 2010

C3 Film is Here!

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of my new blog C3 Film. As I said in previous posts this is designed to be the 'PLC' or 'Umbrella' corporation for Christel Films and will showcase my other 'non Doctor Who' writing and thoughts. Please head over and see what you think.

Find it Here

Now to some Christel Doctor Who related news; With the release date for series 1 now firmly announced (17th April incase you missed it (Shame on you if you did!:) )) I shall be posting on the first of February with another 'What to expect in the coming month' post and there will be some very exciting revelations...including companion biographies and a sneak peek at episode 1 - New Beginnings.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Life, Doctor Who and Combom hits 2 million

It is very rare that I shall ever talk about other blogs but this just deserves a mention. Life Doctor Who and Combom is the holy-grail of Doctor Who fan blogs and it has now hit 2 million views...something which I think you'll agree is amazing! This really is the best doctor who blog around at the moment (in my opinion) and is definitely worth a visit (on a daily basis). Well don to Combom.

See it here

Friday, 22 January 2010

New Face, New Adventures, Same Doctor

I am proud to announce the first cinema length trailer for Christel Doctor Who series 1 due to be released in April of this year. The trailer features new content from the first half of series as well as announcing the official release date for the series as well.

Doctor who and everything related is owned by the BBC. This is simply a 'fan-work' made out of admiration and no copyright infrigement is intended.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Series 1 Release Date Announced on Friday

On Friday 22nd January I shall release a cinema length trailer that will announce the release date of series 1. I was going to release the two things separately but with a number of things to do it seemed a good idea to kill two birds with one stone.

I have edited the trailer and it is finished but I cant get it uploaded until Friday. 90% of it is new content form series 1 and shows the first pictures of the Doctors new companion Tabitha Mortimer who you will be hearing a lot more about next month.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Easter Egg Series 1 Trailer

As promised here is the 'Easter Egg' trailer for series 1. Its basically an early voice test I did of the 11th Doctor to see how well I could sync his lips up with the voice. The audio used for this is actually the trailer for Eccleston's series 1 in 2005. It fits quite well and I think works quite well as a trailer. Enjoy...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Progress Report - January 2010

My apologies as to the lack of updates recently but the new year has brought about a promotion at work and therefore an increased workload. You will be pleased to hear however that things are still on course for the launch of series 1 later this year. Writing is being fine tuned now on the first six episodes and the animation is due to start early February time.

As promised in my post earlier on this month I shall be putting up a small easter egg on Sunday (My Birthday) featuring an early voice sync test I did of the 11th Doctor. Its not really 'Christel-Canon' but it works really well as a trailer I think.

With regards to the release dates of series 1 Im going to hold off announcing anything yet until I know I can commit to it fully. I shall announce the date before the end of this month though, by then I will have had longer to assess remaining time and 'production schedules'.

Coming later this month however is the first cinema length trailer for series one featuring new teaser content for series 1. So keep visiting and spreading the word.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Series 1 Promotional TARDIS Desktop Pictures

I was doing some preparatory work for series 1 last night and thought I would do some promotional desktop pics for if anybody is interested. They are just basic pictures of the TARDIS 'on location' during filming of the first six episodes. To download them simply right click and 'save target as' I hope...if not contact me and I'll send them via email.

Here are the pics enjoy...

Wild West Desert

Tombstone City

Police Station

Christel Doctor Who Logo (Starry Background)

Martian Forest


With Series one being launched this year and this site gaining more and more followers and hits per day I am planning to setup a rather substantial promotional campaign for series one and over the coming weeks and months I shall look to try and get some of my Doctor Who work featured on other blogs, so if your interested :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

What to expect in January

With 2010 underway the count down can now begin in earnest to the release of Christel Doctor Who Series 1. At the moment I am tweaking the writing of the first 6 episode and have a rough cut of epiosde 1 ready to work on so things are progressing nicely.

This post is really to keep you (the deicated visitor) informed of what to expect in January and what there is to look forward to, so here goes;

In no particular order...

- Series 1 premiere date announced.
- Series 1 episode release dates announced.
- First 'cinema length' trailer to be released featuring all new content from series 1. (Later in the month)
- 'Easter Egg' voice test trailer released featuring the 11th doctor (17th January, which is my birthday) .
- I shall also be launching my new blog C3 Films to begin showcasing some of the other 'non - Doctor Who' projects that I have worked on or written in the past.

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Beginnings

Episode Summary:
Tabitha Mortimer. Just an everyday newspaper reporter who got caught in the wrong place at the right time. When a young girl is murdered Tabitha dutifully investigates but soon finds herself caught up in more than she could have ever bargained for. Who or what is causing the strange deaths? Why is she next in Line? And who is the strange man in his impossible blue box?

Episode 1 - New Beginnings Released Saturday April 17th 2010

2010 is upon us and that means that preparations are now in full swing for Christel Doctor Who series 1. Although there is still a considerable amount to do I shall start putting up small pieces of information and begin changing the site ready for the launch on April 17th of this Year.

New Title Sequence to feature at the start of episodes for series 1

Cinema Length Release date Trailer - January 2010

2nd Cinema Length Trailer - February 2010