Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2000 Hits!

This is a post to say a massive massive thank you to all the people that have visited the site since its creation. Today I have passed the 2000 hit mark and although it may not be comparable to other sites I am really pleased at what has been achieved in less than a year. So thank you to everybody who has visited, followed, commented and spread the word. Please continue to do so throughout 2010 also.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

How would I do the End of Time Part 2 (part2)?

A few days ago I wrote how I would have written the end of time two part two based on what was seen in part one. Today I shall clear up what would have happened to Donna, Wilf and the head of the timelords (Timohy Dalton).

Timothy Dalton's Character
If I had written this episode this would be Rassilon. The timelords resurrected the Master and so why not Rassilon? He was after all the creator of timelord society and who better to lead them in a war against the Daleks. He would then make the Doctor and the Master fight-it out in a duel to the death to see which one gets to live as he believes they have both committed cardinal sins (The Doctor trying to destroy Gallifrey and the Master running away to Utopia).

I would have Wilf go with the Doctor to Gallifrey and help fight off the master race as it invaded. I wouldn't have him killed, although think RTD will. He would actually end up marrying Romana and living with her on Gallifrey, helping to rebuild the timelord race and embed human qualities into what has clearly become corrupt.

I would not have Donna as a main main character instead I would use her remembering at the end of part one as a sub plot. This would be a race against time for the Doctor to try and solve all the other problems before she burns out and dies. When he manages to do so she has a small moment as the Doctor-Donna again and then he wipes her mind permanently.

Jack, Rose and the Other Companions
I dont really think they are necessary again but this is one of the areas that I wouldnt falter that far from what is going to be done. We can pretty safely say that the intention is for the doctor to visit rose and the like before he regenerates and this would be their use here. I would turn this into a real tear-jerker before the regeneration...the doctor sees all of his old companions starting their new lives and then he does his.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight. Its just based on my ideas and like I said at the very start I have NO IDEA what is going to happen in the end of time part 2 (even though I wish I did). Again, comment, debate as you wish and be on the lookout for more Christel Doctor Who content coming up for new years.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christel Doctor Who : The Specials

Now that all four of this years special episodes have aired and preparations for series 1 are under way I have brought together the four episodes into one post so that if anybody hasn't seen them all they can do. Over the next few weeks I shall start a small overhaul of the sight in preparation for series 1. And as a new year treat I shall be showing off the new title sequence for the episodes of series 1 on New Years Day.

SPX 1 - Grand Designs

SPX 2 - The Planet of Souls

SPX 3 - Day of the Daleks

SPX 4 - Endgame

Sunday, 27 December 2009

How would I do the End of Time Part 2?

Although I very rrarely write about the real Doctor Who on here I am a writer (Or at least would like to think so) and so after watching the truly brilliant end of time part 1 I had a stab in the dark at how I would do part 2. I don't know what IS going to happen, I haven't seen the episode...this is just purely how I would write it based on what I saw...

The Master Race - I think this is easily solvable and wont actually be key to the overall plot. I would have the Doctor and WILF escape to the basement and help the Vinvocci to 'reverse the polarity' or something similar. WILF could then stand in the bottom of the gate and correct the problem.

The Timelords - Blatantly resurrected the Master during the time war to be the ultimate warrior. But I think they did so as well to help them find the Doctor. Smarting after they learned the Doctor had the power to destroy Galifrey I think they took the entire planet out of time and space at the exact moment the Doctor destroyed it. Since Dalek Caan broke the timelock on the time war Gallifrey is bleeding back through. They now hunt the Doctor down to stop him destroying them and force him to regenerate for trying to do so anyway at the end of the time war.

The Woman in white that only WILF can see - If I had my way this would be Romana. She was head of the timelord high council when they went to war with the Daleks but now there is no mention of her. I would play it out as though she has been deposed by Timothy Dalton's character and she is contacting WILF to help the Doctor. At the end she reveals herself and leads the now saved timelords.

The Regeneration - See Below

The Master - Would almost definitely have to face off against the Doctor in a fight to the death. I don't really know what role he is going to play in the whole thing. Could have been sent by the timelords to trap the doctor but I would like to think that he will eventually convince the Doctor to save him anyway and then possibly be either trapped by the timelords or regenerate himself.

The Knocking Four Times - The Ninth Doctor! I know I know, cliche. But think about it...time is bleeding, Russell T Davies has always said he wanted to reset for Moffat and I think this would be the perfect way. 10 visits all of his companions for the last time and then 9 knocks on the door, tricked by the timelords the two 'merge' and regenerate into the eleventh Doctor, therefore canceling out the events of the last four series and leaving Moffat with a slate clean enough to eat his dinner off.

Part two tomorrow including how I would write for Donna, WILF and the head of the Timelord council. Meanwhile enjoy, comment and debate (please)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christel Doctor Who : Endgame

So here it is then, the final part of the four part story that has launched Christel Doctor Who. Endgame sees the Doctor(s) face off against the Daleks just one last time...its a big one, and at over 18 minutes its the longest one to date. I hope people have enjoyed these episodes and hope you will all continue to follow when series one comes out next year.

It should be around March time but there will plenty to keep up to date with and read on this blog in the meantime. All that is left now is to say thank you, hope you enjoy the episode, Merry Christmas and heres to Series 1 in 2010.

(Plus if you get time let me know what you thought in the cbox or by commenting on this post.)

Endgame - Uploading as we speak

As I write this Endgame is beginning its upload to veoh and should be ready to view in about 5 to 6 hours time. Hopefully at around 10.300 to 11.00 GMT.

There is a series 1 preview included after the episode so be sure to watch out for that too and enjoy the final special of this year.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Endgame - 2 Days to go

With just two days to go until Christel Doctor Who : Endgame is released I have decided to update people quickly on the story so far...That means that if you haven't watched the other three specials yet go and do so before reading this...

At the end of Day of the Daleks there were a lot of questions left unanswered and indeed a lot more new ones were asked. I can guarantee that they will all be answered. The episode will need to be watched carefully as now all of the little scenes in the other scenes that you probably didnt notice will now have a part to play. I stated that just before the release of Grand Designs that I had an overall arc in mind for the four episodes and Endgame will see its culmination. I want everything in a clean 'slate' situation for series 1 and hopefully the way that this is achieved is interesting and captivating.

As for series 1 there will be a teaser trailer at the end of endgame and then the site will be refurbished slightly ready for the first 6 episodes to be released at some point before the end of March 2010.

So where are we now?

- The end of day of Daleks saw the daleks using the Doctors TARDIS as a bridge to travel through the vortex. They had also sent a dalek from the Doctors 'Future' back in the TARDIS to take his past selves out of time, but we dont know why...yet.

- It was apparently that because of this that Rose was allowed to return to this world.

- At the very end of the episode the mysterious man in the green suit revealed himself to be the Doctor. We know that Timothy Jackson (First seen in grand designs) is his companion and that he has his own TARDIS (Which he materialises around The tenth Doctor and Rose whilst on board the Dalek ship) but how he can be in the same time and place as the Doctor is unknown at the moment.

- The Master is using his TARDIS to build something for the daleks but at this point in time we do not know what.

- We know that the Daleks don't want the Doctor to die...we dont know why yet but the dalek that first escorted the doctor to the bridge to meet with the supreme said that it was because he was the key to helping them 'live forever'.

- For some reason the Daleks had no idea that the 'other Doctor' existed until he rescued the Tenth Doctor and rose at the end.

- The 'other' Doctor had to be 'found' by Timothy who seemed to be aware of what to do already. He also commented that it had been a while since seeing his doctor.

- The Daleks are attempting to harness regeneration energy for some reason.

What Next?

- Hopefully this has wetted the appetite sufficiently...tommorrow there will be a new trailer before the release on the 23rd. Until then thanks for the continuing to visit.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Endgame - The Final Countdown

With not long at all now to go until the release of the final special of the year; endgame, a lot of things are happening here at Christel Films. With the episode 90% done (The subtitles need adding) I am also beginning to start parts of the animations for series 1 as well as fine tuning the scripts for the first 'block' of episodes until the mid season break after episode 6 (Entitled A.R.N.I.E.).

There will be more Endgame and series 1 news coming soon and I am trying to update as regular as often. The site now has 6 regular followers which is fantastic and Im still looking to spread the word ready for the release of series 1 next year.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Doctor Who : Salvation (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Sierra Nevada Mountains

July 23rd 2004

The downdraft from the chopper blades battered Robert Brewster as he and his compliment of 5 men departed form their transport over the harsh environment of the Sierra Nevada mountains. As a newly promoted Leuitenant Brewster had been given his first ‘mission’ to lead and right up until the point when he actually found out what it would entail he could not hide his excitement.

A clean up job. An old nuclear bunker left over form the days of the cold war was in dire need of shutting down and disbanding and his first job was to lead a squad of men to do it. As he trudged across the sand towards the huge metal doors embedded into the mountain side he could almost hear the thoughts of the heavily armed men that were accompanying him and had it not been for reports of gun fire and looting taking place in the bunker he concluded that he wouldn’t have been here at all.

It took the electricals expert, a man named Tyson a mere number of seconds to jar open the control panel for the big metal access doors rewire an old system and bring the door circuits back online. The doors shuddered and groaned with a tone that beiffted their age perfectely. Brewster didn’t know at this point what he was more scared of; the fact that there might actually be somebody in this run down base or that the men he was with were thinking of ways to kill him inauspiciously to avoid the embarrassment of being sent on such an assigment.

As the party entered the access tunnel to the main bunker the men began to chip in with cheeky and dis-respectful jibes about the possibility of there being ghosts and aliens in the bunker. Brewster let the men chunter for a while and then pulled rank with a simple signal of his hand. The men stopped their joking and moved towards the huge steel door that gave access to the bunker.

Within minutes of having arrived at the door Tyson had again worked his magic and the 8foot thick steel door was sliding open. The sight that met Brewster was uninspiring to say the least.

The bunker was bathed in a weak light that had managed to flicker into being when the door creaked open and apart from the mediocore quality of the presidential platform (designed for the president to address the world after the onslaught of nuclear holocaust) the bunker was dead. The only solace for Brewster was that the men turned their jibes towards the 1970’s computer equipment and outdated cameras instead of him.

3 hours after they had entered the bunker the men had successfully managed to rig up a rudimentary lighting system and had begun breaking up the computer equipment ready for the large transport helicopters that would be arriving within the hour to begin the clear out. Brewster was stood in what must have been the main office when he heard a noise, a noise that at first he dismissed as utterly impossible, but as he turned his head expecting to see one of the soldiers messing about he was shocked by the sight that greeted him. In the office right in front of him stood his daughter Kate…however she was different, her clothes were battered and her face scared. Brewster rubbed his eyes in dis-belief and yet when he opened his eyes she was still there. The only difference this time was that she was shouting, or at least she appeared to be shouting loudly but he could not hear her. He fell back in his seat, shocked at what he was seeing, he called out to her but she did not respond.

He was only sure of her existence at all when Tyson rounded the door of the office and stopped dead in his tracks with his gun held high. Sensing the fear in the eys of his commanding officer he looked Kate up and down, ‘sir…’ the nervousness in his voice shook the room around him ‘sir…isn’t that….’

‘My daughter…’ Brewster confirmed Tysons worst fears but before he could say anymore Kates expression changed.

She grimaced in pain and held her stomach, Brewster shot forward in order to help his apparently mute daughter. It was at this exact moment that the installation shook and the whole place began to rumble and howl. Tyson looked deep into the eyes of his commanding officer who in turn looked past his daughter to see the bulk of a huge man in a torn black jacket and sunglasses. It was also at this moment that the entire bunker complex was engulfed in a ball of flames...before the fireball took him Tyson could have been sure that he heard a final sound above the roar of the flames; the echoing voice of a woman straining to make herself heard, He quickly formulated that this must have been what Brewsters daughter must have sounded but also very quickly realized he would never find out what she was doing there. As he closed his eyes her voice boomed through his head crying just one name…John.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christel Doctor Who Endgame Synopsis

With just 15 days left now until the release of Endgame I thought that a post in the style of an episode synopsis may be the order of the day; firstly to help remind people of the story and secondly to tease you with new titbits from endgame...

As the Master and the Daleks formulate their final stratagem against the Doctor he has his own problems to worry about. Top of his list is finding out why the 'other' doctor and his companion Timothy Jackson can't remember much about him, coupled with this is the fact that Rose Tyler has returned to the Doctors life as well. As the circle of fear closes and the Doctor(s) face of against his(their) greatest enemies great sacrifices will be made, hearts will be broken and nothing will ever be the same again.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Endgame - Everything that has a beginning...

Here is the first trailer for the final Christel Doctor Who special of the year Endgame. I have bit a tad lazy with this trailer because I have lifted the majority of the audio from the Matrix Revolutions trailer but I think that on watching it back it actually plays out quite well. This is all exclusively endgame footage and there are some new things to feast your eyes upon (including a fallen tenth doctor and a fighting 'other' Doctor (Fighting I hear you scream, oh the shame!)).

Anyways please feel free to comment and remember Endgame will be with us on December 23rd...