Saturday, 28 November 2009

Look what I found!

Since moving into my new house in August I have started alot of new projects, Christel Doctor Who being the main one, but now me and the Mrs are settled I have started boarding out the loft with the eventual idea of putting a model railway up there. I had one when I was a kid but a fire next door devastated it and I never got round to making one up again.

Your probably wondering what this has to do with Doctor Who...well I was looking in a model shop the other day at scenery and track accessories and came across this...

Thats right its a Hornby skaledale size 'police box'. So now I can incorporate my love of Doctor Who into my model railway. Oh the joy!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Day of the Daleks - What do we know?

Because I want to leave long enough for people to see Day of the Daleks I will not be doing the traditional 'what do we know' post until just before the release of Endgame on 23rd December.

However, I should reveal that in the build up to endgame coming out I shall be putting online a special range of trailers made to promote the special. I have done three so far and they are made be taking audio from other film trailers (such as the matrix revolutions) and putting images from Endgame over the top. I have tried to pick trailers that fit the story of Endgame. So there is that to look forward. In the meantime thank for all the reviews of Day of the Daleks that I have head. It is very encouraging.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Endgame Series 1 preview

With just one special left to this year before series kicks off in 2010 I can confirm that Endgame will premiere here on December 23rd and last 20+ minutes. I saw the first edit yesterday and its actually quite emotional for an animation which I hope is good.

However, after Endgame is finished there will be a short preview of series 1 and some of the events that the Doctor will be getting caught up in so be sure to watch the whole episode to see that as well.

Form here then the countdown is on, just a month until Endgame and until then there are a lot of loose ends to tie up and even more questions to answer. Let the speculation begin ad thank you very much so far to all the people who have watched and commented on Day of the Daleks.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Day of the Daleks

Christel Films is pleased to present for your viewing pleasure the third of four special episodes for 2009 of Chistel Doctor Who. Entitled 'Day of the Daleks' this episode sees the return of the Doctors greatest enemies in their most fiendish plot yet.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment if you wish, the final special episode entitled Endgame will be released on December 23rd and
then lead onto Series 1 in 2010.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Day of the Daleks : 1 Day to go

With just one day to go until the release of Day of the Daleks I am today releasing the promised information about series 1. I can now confirm that I hope to premiere series one in early march of 2010 and then show the epiosdes weekly like the real doctor who. Im looking at the first week in march for the release but at the moment can make no solid promises.

I can confirm that the first 6 episodes of the series are now all but written and the names I shall reveal below....

s1.1 - New Beginnings
s1.2 - Sins of the Fathers
s1.3 - Prince of the West
s1.4 - Adam and Eve
s1.5 - Flight of the Evangelists
s1.6 - A.R.N.I.E

It will be after episode six that the series then has a mid-season break of five or six weeks before resuming june july time approximately.

In terms of the overall story there is a story arc that I have tried to weave into all of the stories and it even gets a refference in the final special of this year "Endgame".

The series one mini-site has also been updated.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Day of the Daleks : 5 Days to go

As promised with just 5 days to go until the release of Day of the Daleks I have uploaded some new still images of the episode. Enjoy...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Day of the Daleks : 6 Days to go

With just 6 days remaining until Day of the Daleks is released I felt it might be a good idea to remind you (the faithful viewer) of were we are story-wise at the moment.

Having returned to earth from the planet of Souls the Doctor finds himself staring down the eye stalks of an invading Dalek fleet. But immediately he notices that these Daleks are different as they all seem to be from different periods in time.

The Oracle from the planet of Souls also prophesied that there would be death and pain and 'a man from a time yet to be' so we have a number of questions to ask still.

I can confirm that the TARDIS gets a lot of action in this special and it will have to go through something similar to what it has before.

Returning characters include Timothy Jackson from Grand Designs, who gets elevated to a full blown companion role as well as (Love her or hate her) Rose Tyler. I can also confirm that the man in the green stripy suit will be returning and that by the end of the episode you will know his identity and have more of an idea of the overall role he is to play in the finale.

There are lots of characters, and I mean lots in this next episode and there are a few that I have neglected to mention on here mainly to keep the suprise but secondly to give the 'wow' factor. There will also be a preview of the fourth and final special "Endgame" at the end of the episode to look forward to.

Hope this has wetted the appetites a tad more. Ill try and post some now still pics from the episode tommorrow.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

2010 and beyond...

Following the release of the third of my four doctor who specials for this year (entitled Day of the Daleks) I shall be announcing my plans for Christel Doctor Who series one in 2010. However that is not all that there is to look forward to in 2010.

During January of next year I shall begin bringing together alot of the content for other projects that I have written, filmed or animated over the years and although the intention was to showcase that on this blog I have decided that I want to leave this site exclusively to all things Christel Doctor Who. I already have Doctor Who : Salvation running as a side project on here and with series one coming in 2010 I dont want to overcrowd the blog.

Therefore I shall be launching a new blog for my other projects and content under the name of C3 films. The idea is that it will become the 'umbrella corporation' for my other projects and that Christel films will be devoted just to Doctor Who. To give you some idea of some of the stuff that I have done over the years and what will be eventually be appearing on my the C3 Film site...

I have written three of my own full length scripts for a (fictional) trilogy of warhammer 40k films and written a story arc for 6 mini episodes of the Matrix that are post-neo. I have also done scripts for Batman short films and have half a script for a superman vs batman film. I have also dabbled (lbeit it with varying success) in stop-motion animation of legos and at one point had a script written for a sequel to the force unleashed game. More news on C3 films soon but for now the countdown to Day of the Daleks and the big finale continues, remember just 7 days to go...

Day of the Daleks : 7 Days to go

With just seven days to go until day of the daleks I am pleased to report that the episode is now finished and I watched the first complete version for the first time last night. It is slightly different in makeup from the last two episodes as there are some gaps between passages of speech.

There are a lot of characters also but Id like to think they all play their parts there is a nice setup for the finale which should leave people asking more questions than were answered. I will try and do an update post everyday until release so be sure to keep checking back.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Doctor Who : Salvation (Chapter 2)

Okay so here is Chapter two of Doctor Who : Salvation. I have had a lull in writing for series one of Christel Doctor Who and so managed to get another chapter of this done also. Hope you enjoy...

Chapter 2

Wembley Stadium London

July 12th 1986

The ever legendary voice of Freddy Mercury filled Wembley stadium with its trademark ease. Before him and his band members were a full 80,000 worshippers of the pop music juggernaught that was Queen. As the many thousands looked on lovingly it was in one of the janitors large dark cupboards on the East side of Wembley stadium that another sound began to emerge; a piercing wheezing sound, the sound of an entity grinding into existence, forcing its presence onto the world around it.

After what seemed a long and painful experience the once seemingly large cupboard was now home to what by sight appeared to be a 1950’s London police box but infact was the last time ship of the planet Gallifrey, The TARDIS.

In a typically energetic fashion the Doctor bolted from the door of his beloved ship only to find himself locked in the cupboard where the TARDIS had landed. Knowing full well that Donna would not be at all impressed at his inaccurate landing he set to work quickly with his trusted sonic screwdriver on the locked door.

However, with timing that only Donna had just as the Doctor had drawn his screwdriver from his pocket he heard Donna’s standard ‘What have you got us into this time’ insult ring throughout the small stock cupboard, “Well that’s just Wizard!!”

He turned to see Donna Noble leaning against the other unopened door of the TARDIS adorned in what he could only describe as a shrine to the band Queen, “We come millions of light years across time and space to see the greatest band that ever was and not only do you get the year wrong…twice…when you finally get it wrong you land us in a locked stock cupboard.”

“Trying to unlock a door here” The Doctor snapped back knowing immediately that he had said the wrong thing,

“Well excuse me for actually thinking that a time machine getting stuck in a cupboard in 1986 isnt rather lame”. Donna was blatantly trying to get a rise out the timelord but instead he turned and cocked a wry smile as the door to the corridor swung free and the music that up until now had been muffled flowed in and filled the room. Donna’s mood changing with lightening speed and she bolted from the TARDIS door past the doctor, pecking him on the cheek as she went, “Come on she shouted I love this one.”


“So you see when they rebuild this in 2056 they get the towers on the wrong side.” The Doctor finished knowing full well that Donna was completely ignoring him. She staggered down the service corridor as though she was blind drunk, covered from head to toe in sweat and obviously having had a very good time.

“My god” Donna interjected, “don’t you ever just enjoy yourself?”

“Oh yeah…” replied the Doctor and sneakly peeled back the collar of his shirt to reveal a queen medallion and t-shirt. Donna let out her trademark cackle.

“1986” remarked the Doctor, “They’re at their hieight” he explained, “this is a sell out, they go on to play all over the world to millions…mind you that’s about all that does happen this year…you see pretty boring 1986…mind you it was declared the international year of peace by the UN….” His sentence tailed off as he noticed that Donna had been left a few feet behind studying something that she had found, her expression was now one of a cold seriousness, “International year of peace hey?” she questioned.

The Doctor never liked her direct tone, she had an uncanny knack of finding trouble and he feared she had hit the jackpot this time. As the Doctor scanned the newspaper article that she was referring to he instantly clocked a number of details that weren’t right. As Donna spoke she provided a voice over for the exact thoughts that he was having,

“Attempted murder…two suspects….fighting each other….robots from the future”. He twisted his face into an expression of disbelief and mockery. Donna looked back unsure of how to take the news.

“Whackooo” she remarked obviously not believing the sensational story that she had stumbled upon. However when the Doctor did not change the sullen look that was creepiong across his face she knew that something was wrong.

“mmmmm….perhaps…but that’s just a bit too weird, even for the 1980’s”

“Oh don’t look like that” remarked Donna, “not know, you said we could have a holiday, planet of diamonds…relaxtion….no potato men….no lava men”

“Yeah…” replied the Doctor thoughtfully,

“Oh great” quipped Donna knowing instantly that he wanted to investigate.

“Where to then?”

“Theres some record offices around here, we’ll start there” said the Doctor and he turned at an electrifying pace and took off in the opposite direction, “Bring the article” he barked at her, “I dunno why ya botherin” she shouted back, “Theres bound to be loads Sarah Connors…”

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Doctor Who : Salvation (Chapter 1)

After a long break from doing anything to this story I have finished Chapter one today and managed to upload it. This will be added to the story page also. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Torchwood Hub Cardiff

August 19th 2009

Jack sifted through the paperwork strewn all over the HUB as though he were wading his way through a stagnant lake. So much had happened in the last few months and now after the onslaught of the Daleks and having to bid farewell to the Doctor and Rose again, Jack was left with Gwen and Mickey (the idiot).

As he forced his way into his office and turned over his scorched desk he found the newspaper cutting he had taken from when he, the Doctor and Rose had fought the last Slitheen disguised as the Mayor, the face still made him chuckle.

His memoirs were cut short by Gwen who appeared at the door with a broom and her cellphone in her hand, “Reminiscing?”

“Yeah you could say that.”

“I think somebody is willing to impress” she leant back and revealed the image of Mickey rummaging through the metallic remains of one of the computer displays. Jack let a wry smile creep across his face, “yeah, he does try. That’s Mickey.” Before he could finish the sentence however Mickey let out a shrill cry as the hammer he was using to part the twisted steel dropped and landed on his foot. “Ahh Mickey the idiot, living up to the name I see” Shouted Jack, still relishing in the fact that he could wind Mickey up on a whim. He couldn’t decide whether Mickey had heard the insult or not because he just carried on rolling around in pain on the floor of the hub and Jack and Gwen chuckled to themselves.

Gwen lifted the cellphone in her hand so that it crossed Jacks eye line and he looked at her inquisitively. ‘For you’ she quipped, and tossed the phone into Jacks waiting palm. He lifted the device to his ear and clicked the unkown caller off of hold. “Gwen tells me your giving Mickey a hard time” spoke the soft voice of Martha Jones from the other end of the phone.

‘Marhta Jones’ replied Jack, ‘you know me, Im not one for favourtism’. Martha laughed gently. Her and Jack had grown close over the past months and with everything that had happened between them Jack felt he needed to hear Martha’s voice every now and again to remind himself just how fragile human life was. “Surely you’ve not been promoted again”, quipped Jack.

‘I’ll ignore that comment’ retored Martha and she pressed on with the main reason behind her call. “I’m calling on business Jack, Im based in the states at the moment and two weeks ago there was a murder attempt on an inmate on death row.”

“Hardly anything suprising Martha, can’t UNIT deal with murder now?”

“No the weird thing about it was the victim claims that it was a robot. A living robot sent from the future to kill him.”

Jack straightened up “We should all be so lucky.” He chuckled, “Whaddya you think?”

“Im not sure we’ve had some whackos form time to time but the story is the same everytime and it just feels weird.”

“You’d like me to check it out wouldn’t you?”

“I would yes, this is off the record for now”

“Oh you naughty little thing” finished Jack knowing deep down that for Martha to have rung Torchwood like this she was not only taking a big risk but also must have been quite serious in the first place. “I can’t promise anything but I’ll run some checks, you have a name and location for me?”

“Of course” replied Martha, ”The inmate has been transferred to a secure location for the moment just outside of Tennessee”

“and his name?”

“Wright, Marcus Wright”

Monday, 2 November 2009

Christel Doctor Who New Logo

As preparations for the final two specials of Christel Doctor Who are well underway I have turned my attentions momentarily to the first full season of Christel Doctor Who that will be released next year. The series will usher in a new age at christelfilms.blogspot and next year promises to be very exciting with a number of who-related projects in development to accompany series 1.

So I am proud to unviel today the new logo for Christel Doctor Who. I have also updated the series 1 mini-site with the new banner (New logo included). This is just a small video to showcase the new logo, please enjoy and feel free to comment...

New Series 1 Banner Picture...

New Christel Doctor Who Logo...

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day of the Daleks Final Look

Here is the final sneak peek trailer for day of the daleks before its release on November 21st this year. Don't forget however everything that is happening around the release of day of the daleks on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of November. Thank you again for continued support and enjoy the trailer...