Tuesday, 25 September 2012

First Series 4 Filming Pics

Here are the first official pictures from filming of series 4 of Christel Doctor Who. These three pictures are taken from the very first scene to be filmed which involves The Doctor meeting Fletcher for the first time. This is a scene from episode 1 of series 4 which is titled Twelfth Night. Enjoy and speculate at will...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

2 Series 4 Scenes filmed

Now that filming for series 4 is in full swing I have today focused on episode 1 and have filmed two full scenes. The first was the momentous scene where the doctor and fletcher meet for the first time and the second features the two characters in a brig trying to figure out how to escape.

I hope to have some pictures from set soon and before long I should have shot enough to be able to put together a trailer of sorts.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Series 4 Production gets underway!

Mark your calendar! September 22nd 2012 is a momentous day because today I started production on Series 4 of Christel Doctor Who.

I have now received lines from both Edward Gore (The Doctor) and John Ryan (Fletcher) for the first and second episodes of the series and so have begun filming a few of the scenes with just the Doctor and Fletcher in.

I have to say that I have listened to a rough cut of the audio for the first episode (from the Doctor and Fletcher) and it is AMAZING! Both Edward and Ryan really nail their respective characters and they have both worked tirelessly to get their lines to me, which I cant thank them enough for.

Updates should be coming more regularly now and I should be able to start putting some promotional material together as well. As of now, the countdown to series 4 is on! :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Series 4 Content Coming Soon!

With the indefinite postponement of Centerpoint I am now working harder than ever to get CDW series 4 ready on time. That also means that I can start to prepare new promotional material for you the fans to feast your eyes on.  That said I am hoping to have a new teaser trailer ready before Christmas and then I should be able to start thinking about a definite release date. More to come soon...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Series 4 Steaming along!

Following the disappointing news that Centerpoint will be postponed until next year at the earliest I am pleased to announce that Christel Doctor Who series 4 is coming along very nicely. I am making good progress concerning set construction and I have now received lines from some of the voice actors for the series. Infact I must give a big hat tip and thank you to John Ryan who plays Fletcher Reed. He has now provided all of his lines for the first three episodes of the series. This of course means that if this rate of progress continues I should soon be able to start production on the series.

This of course means that I am VERY excited! More to follow soon...  

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Centerpoint Postponed!

I haven't posted for a while and the reasons for that are three-fold. Firstly, I am not making very good progress with Centerpoint. I haven't had the time to get into really making the series and to be completely honest I haven't felt much enthusiasm for it. Secondly, I have recently lost a large chunk of the work that I had already done on the series anyway meaning that I would pretty much need to start over. The third reason is that I am snowed under at work and honestly don't have the time to start over.

This means that I am postponing, but not cancelling, the series for the mean time. This will give me time to rewrite it and introduce it properly through Christel Doctor Who. It also means that I have free time to now work on series 4 of CDW and I am still making sets and sending out lines to my wonderful cast as I type this. It also means that I may be able to release CDW series 4 slightly earlier next year than I had originally planned, but I'll keep you up to date on that front.