Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Episode 7 - Hotel Gothika

I am pleased to present Christel Doctor Who Episode 7 entitled, Hotel Gothika. This episode kick starts the second half of the series and begins the run down to the finale. This is an episode that I have worried a bit about, I have changed it numerous times now and if I am completely honest I am not 100% with final result. The main risk I have taken is that it is an episode with a lot of build up to the finale and so many things may not make sense. Infact it may be a good idea to watch it after episode 13 has 'aired' as this really is a whole bunch 'oh yeah' moments packed into one episode.

Here is the episode in full...

Here is the plot synopsis again...
There are strange goings on in Hotel Gothika. People go in, people come out, then they disappear. Tabitha Mortimer is reunited with a not-so-old flame as the TARDIS crew try to find out what is happening behind some very mysterious closed doors…What is so fascinating about the televisions? Who is at the heart of the disappearances? And who is that in the darkness waiting for the puzzle to complete?

And Here are the snippets, please enjoy.

1. We meet Parris again, the policemen from New Beginnings and he has more than one request for Tabitha.

2. The Doctor hides the TARDIS by putting it just one second out of sync, as he did in the end of time.

3. Can you figure out why its a prison?

4. There is quite a heart warming moment towards the end.

5. Lookout for the setup shot that I included at the last moment with Parris meeting his new companion.

(Bonus number 6. Now I bet you didn't expect to see that returning character did you?)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Quick Update.

Episode 7 should be next weekend but if not definitely the weekend after. I originally intended for the mid season break to go on for three weeks but have had further computer problems and so have had to delay for a while. I have scripts written for episodes 7 through to 10 and am fine tuning 11,12 and 13 as we speak, ohhh its gonna be big (I hope).

Plus I had noticed something about episode 6 that I missed from the Impossible times post so I shall leave it as a question to ponder. Who was that at the end of ARNIE's projection about the Doctor and why all the confusion about the Doctors face?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Episode 7,8 and 10 Synopsis

I am slowly getting to the stage where the second half of the series is ready to roll and so to makeup for not posting for a while I am writing today with the plot synopsis for episode 7, Hotel Gothika and episode which starts the cybermen two part story set in World War 2 (I know I know, Victory of the Daleks was set in world war 2 but this is completely different believe you me). If have therefore skipped over episode 9's synopsis to avoid giving too much away and posted episode 10's as well. Enjoy and comment at will.

7. Hotel Gothika

There are strange goings on in Hotel Gothika. People go in, people come out, then they disappear. Tabitha Mortimer is reunited with a not-so-old flame as the TARDIS crew try to find out what is happening behind some very mysterious closed doors…What is so fascinating about the televisions? Who is at the heart of the disappearances? And who is that in the darkness waiting for the puzzle to complete?

8. The Helsinki Incident

Something is wrong in the war ravaged streets of Helsinki. An immortal legion of axis super soldiers is marching on the allies and time is running out. When Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to investigate the problem things soon start going from bad to worse. The 11th Doctor faces one of his oldest enemies for the first time in Christel Doctor Who. How are the cybermen here? What and who are they fighting for? What is their ultimate plan?

10. Curse of a Timelord

The TARDIS lands at a time preset by the Doctor, however he does not remember doing it. As the Doctor delves deeper into the mysterious behaviour of his beloved machine Timothy Jackson is having his own problems, flashbacks, memories and visions of things that are all too familiar. As things develop at an alarming rate one thing soon becomes clear. Timothy is remembering more than he should and that could spell the end of his time with the Doctor.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Trailer This week

Just a quick post to keep folks informed. I am busy beavering away with the second half of the series and I am also planning to release another trailer at some point during this week. It will feature some new material for the second half of the series as well.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Impossible Times?

With the second part of Christel Doctor Who Series 1 about to get under away the seasons story arc(s) will begin to close up and come to fruition. Just incase you have missed anything, here is a quick run down of all the hints and story arc referrences that have been made so far. Are there any you missed? What do you think they mean?

The Azmael Foundation
Mentioned in episodes 2 and 6. They are a very mysterious coroporation apparently stretching over thousands of yeaers. The are often run by equally mysterious alien figures. Heavily into robotics and technology.

Azmael Himself
Yes it was Azmael that turned up at the end of episode 6.

The Impossible Times and the Choice of Ages
A number of characters have paid homage to the impossible times that are apparently getting nearer and 'the choice of ages' that apparently only the Doctor can make. How come they know all this but the Doctor doesn't?

The Puzzle
The Grub Angel Overlord said that the Doctor has started collecting the pieces of the puzzle. Indeed the mysterious white suited man told Tabitha that she would collect the final piece, but what is the puzzle? And if the Doctor already now has two piece what on earth are they?

Why does ARNIE not have any info on TIMOTHY?
hmmm...interesting. This you will find out. I will say again that i dont just have one story arc that I have written for this series, I have included characters such as ARNIE and TIMOTHY in their own arcs, even though ARNIE's will now be borne out in his own series it started here.

The Finale
So. I must admit I haven't finalised the script for the two part finale yet but I know that it will be big. Eveything will come together and hopefully your gonna' love it. I promises to be emotional, fast paced and hopefully full of 'oh yeah moments'. I can confirm now that there will be no daleks or davros! I believe they are overused in Doctor Who as a whole and dont plan to use them until at least series 3 if then. There are lots more plot points to look out for in the second half of the series and still plenty more pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

Remember, the Impossible times are coming...

Monday, 14 June 2010

A.R.N.I.E To have his own series!

I was going to leave announcing this until the weekend but I may not be able to post then and so thought I would make the announcement now. I am pleased to announce that Christel Doctor Who will officially get its own spin-off this winter in the shape of a six episode series for the character of ARNIE, introduced in episode 6 of Christel Doctor Who (entitled, ARNIE).

The first series will feature two two-part stories and then two standalone stories and cover ARNIE's journey as he tries to uncover the story of his past as well as who made him and where he is from. ARNIE will be joined by a regular companion but more on this is to come at a later date. I have written all of the six episodes and the plan is for them to be approximately 8 minutes each and presented in a comic book style.

Obviously with this being a spin off from Christel Doctor Who the idea is that it develops the character of ARNIE and so intially the Doctor, Tabitha or Timothy will not appear, however thats not to say they wont in the future if the series takes off.

I have intended this to happen from the very start and I actually have a two series story arc planned out for ARNIE. Hoepfully series one will go into production in the summer after Christel Doctor Who series 1 is finished and then premiere on in the early winter. Keep checking back for more news as it happens.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Series 1 Mid-season Trailer

Here is the first of two new trailers to showcase upcoming content for the second half of Christel Doctor Who Series 1. This is all new content so its worth watching it all. I hope there is enough to stimulate interest and keep people watching. Enjoy...

Here it is so that it can be played in full screen...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Trailer on Saturday

This is just a quick post to inform you that the new Christel Doctor Who 'mid season' trailer will be up on Saturday. It features sneak peek of all new material and will hopefully continue to keep appetites suitably whetted for the second half of the series.

Monday, 7 June 2010

What Next?

Over the course of the 'mid season' break I shall be making a number of announcements. I am yet to fully decide what to do about series 2 of Christel Doctor Who, whilst I know that there will be a series 2 I am now airing towards not doing it until next year, the main reason for this is simply that as much fun as series 1 has been to make it has been very time consuming.

I shall also be showing two 'mid-season coming soon' trailers over the course of the next few weekends which is something to look forward to.

Plus I am very excited to announce that the Christel Doctor Who Christmas special will now be a two-part story. As well as this I have finalised plans for, and done a majority of the writing for, a Christel Doctor Who spin-off series to air after series 1 has finished, so keep checking back for information on that as well.

I wonder yet whether anybody has also figured out the story arc or plot lines for the finale. I would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this and shall be writing a post about it later on in the week, remember, the impossible times are coming...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Doctor Who Salvation Chapter 4

It has been a long time coming, but here is chapter 4 of my side project, a Doctor Who/Terminator crossover. I intend to do more between series 1 and 2 of Christel Doctor Who as well.

Chapter 4

Califronia State Penetentiary

August 25th 2009

Jack Harkness pounded the floor of the briefing room as he attempted to take in what Martha was telling him. This sounded for all he knew like something way beyond him and although Jack adored the limelight and adoration of problem solving sometimes wished the Doctor would just sweep in and take all the worry out from underneath him.

Martha continued with her briefing and as Jack continued to track from side to side across the room Mickey Smith and Gwen Cooper listened intently, “He claims that his name is Marcus Wright but since there is no record of him anywhere in the system we can’t even be sure of that”. This was enough of a revelation for Gwen who interjected, “How come he isn’t on any system?”

“You tell me” replied Martha, “Between us we can pretty much locate anybody we wanted to…but this guy is a ghost…he was never born, and he never existed”,

“Yet he sitting in there telling stories of robots sent to kill him” interrupted Mickey, “Which sounds all too familiar to me” boasted Jack. “I need to talk to him.” Ordered Jack, Martha knew it would be almost pointless to object and so gave in pretty easily, “Be my guest” she quipped “He’s a tough one though, I’ll warn you.”

“Oooh just my type” joked Jack; but underneath he knew that something wasn’t right and he didn’t want his worst fears to be correct.

The shear blankness of the interview room became apparent the minute he entered. It was cold. Adorned with only a small chair and table, plain in appearance and in function Jack scanned the room quickly and found himself almost comforted by the fact that he had been allowed to enter the room first . All the way along the far wall of the room was a mirror, normal on this side but see through on the other, he knew Mickey, Martha and Gwen would be standing there right now watching probably joking about how long it would take him to look in the mirror and correct his hair. The room was silent. Jack was pensive.

The silence was shattered with the crack of cold steel and the grinding and whining of the door hinges. In came a medium height man escorted by a guard. He sat in the chair opposite Jack and slumped back into his seat as much as his cuffs and prison outfit would allow him to. Jack whipped his head around to the door and the waiting guard took the hint to leave. The door whined shut again laving the room silent. Jack reached into his jacket and removed his colt 45 pistol placing the heavy weapon onto the middle of the table. The person opposite him didn’t even blink, it was at this point that Jack knew he had to change tact, and also at this point that he began to formulate a strategy.

He leaned forward in his chair and rested his elbows on the edge of the cold table, resting his chin in his hands and looked into the eyes of the person sitting opposite him. “So then Marcus? How’s things?”. Marcus shifted back in his chair and his eyes quickly scanned the room however Jack had noticed that he still hadn’t even looked at the weapon.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Episodes 1 to 6 - All in one place

Episode 6 pretty much marked the halfway point in series 1 so incase you missed anything here are all six episodes together...

1). New Beginnings

2). Sins of the Father

3). Prince of the West

4). Flight of the Evangilists

5). Adam and Eve


Friday, 4 June 2010

Episode 6 - ARNIE

So here it is, nearly a week late and the second attempt at animating it after my computer deleted it, I am very pleased to present episode 6, ARNIE.

Here also is the fantastic dvd cover that blink has done for the episode. Thank you very much to him for these covers they are indeed wonderful.

There will now be a mid season break of approximately three weeks. This will give me time to
tie up scripts for the second half of the series and hopefully get a head start on the animating of
the episodes to come. During the three week break there will be two trailers released and a large
announcement concerning future Christel Doctor Who related projects. Enjoy the episode and I
can only apologise again that it has turned up nearly a week late.