Saturday, 31 July 2010

DanHarma, Paris and Episode 11…

…is not the title of episode 12, although it would be quite something. There are a number of things to talk about so I shall get started…

Firstly, I am posting to inform everybody that I am actually going away for a week. Me and the fiancé are off to Paris until Friday August 6th for a break so there will be no posts during that time.

This will also mean that episode 11 (Where the Dark Things Play) will be delayed until I return from my holidaying. It is approximately 65-70% complete and I am not going to have time to finish it before returning home.

On the subject of episode 11 I now have some very very exciting news to reveal. DanHarma is the writer of THE BEST Doctor Who script series I have ever read, entitled Doctor Who Series 4b it follows the adventures of the 10th Doctor between The Waters of Mars and The end of time part one, you MUST check it out.

One of the characters in his series is called Diana Malsaint and I can now exclusively reveal that she will be appearing in episode 11 of Christel Doctor Who. Now as you know if you watch this series and/or read this blog I am all about story arcs and so by including Diana Malsaint in this episode I can start to develop a story arc that will ultimately build into something very special next year. It is a project that me and Dan are constantly in contact about and one that I am also very excited about. You see, no need to fear, Series 2 is shaping up to be a belter!

I must say on this note a big thank you to DanHarma (Link) for allowing me to use his character and implore you all once again to read his blog and scripts…as I do to watch episode 11 when it comes out.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Curse of a Timelord

Here is episode 10, The Curse of a Timelord earlier than it should be but I am on holiday with very little else to do. Views and comments welcomed. Enjoy.

A.R.N.I.E Series 1 News!

As announced on this blog earlier in the year ARNIE will get his own spin-off series and today I am posting to announce a few more things before I put the series into production.

Firstly, The series will consist of six episodes of approximately 8-10 minutes in length. I am playing around with presenting them in a comic-book fashion at the moment, meaning they would still be in the same style as Christel Doctor Who but with a twist to seperate them as well.

Of these six episodes there will be two-two part stories and two single stories, I have mainly done this because of the 8-10 minute episode length and the fact that It is difficult to get story telling into that amount of time.

Now on the big news...The Companion! Regular Christel Doctor Who viewers will know that The TARDIS crew left Roger Parris (The police Sargeant that Tabitha Knows who appeared in episodes 1 and 7) with ARNIE at the end of episode 7 (Hotel Gothika) and so it probably comes as no suprise that PARRIS will become ARNIE' fulltime companion in the series.

As far as the story arc and individual episodes go I have them 99% finished and ready to put into production. I have tried to stay fresh and so only very rarely will there be Doctor Who monsters popping up in ARNIE's series. I am afraid that this goes for the Doctor as well. I want this series to stand on its own two feet from the start. Mind, that doesn't rule out a crossover later on.

In terms of release I really cannot put a firm date on it yet. At the moment I intend to go into production after series 1 of Christel Doctor Who has finished and then release ARNIE's series towards late October or early November. It will then run through to early December and be followed by the Christel Doctor Who Christmas Special.

In other news, Episode 10 is uploading now (Barring another veoh wierdness fest') and should be up on this blog to see later today. As ever, thanks to Blink for the amazing episode covers.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Episode 10 Plot Snippets

I should point out that for this episode however I have taken a different approach, one that will hopefully prove popular amongst viewers.

1). This is a very Timothy-centric episode, to the point that he narrates the entire episode.

2). Strangely there is not actually an enemy for the TARDIS trio to face in this episode, just a problem that needs solving.

3). Flashbacks, memories and visions are the plot tool of the day, and the visions and flashbacks will please many early Christel Doctor Who fans.

4). The episode is designed to work on a number of levels, if you haven't seen the four 2009 specials that I did then you should still be able to watch this episode and understand. But if you have seen the episodes (especially grand designs and Endgame) then you should be able to see some of the finer plot points being woven together.

5). The cameo appearances in the episode could fill an entire credit loop themselves.

So just three episodes left after this one then...much excitement (I hope). Be sure to watch the small 'next time' teaser at the end of the episode, you might just catch a glimpse of somebody you've seen before.

Bonus Snippet - 6). Special bonus point to anybody that can spot a picture of the 1st Doctor during episode 10 when it is released, keep those eyestalks peeled.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Episode 10 Plot Synopsis

With episode 9 now finally up attention can be turned towards episode 10, entitled the Curse of a Timelord. Its a tear jerker and should be more of the quirky episodes. Anyways here is the synopsis to muse over...

The TARDIS lands at a time preset by the Doctor, however he does not remember doing it. As the Doctor delves deeper into the mysterious behaviour of his beloved machine Timothy Jackson is having his own problems, flashbacks, memories and visions of things that are all too familiar. As events develop at an alarming rate one thing soon becomes clear. Timothy is remembering more than he should and that could spell the end of his time with the Doctor.

Episode 9 - The Metal Legion

Okay...After a long delay due to work commitments and then having half of it wiped and then finding that veoh rejected the episode because of some copyright infringement (Although god knows what) I have finally managed to upload episode 9. I should point out that the episode has a very limited soundtrack as I had to remove the majority of the music for Veoh to stop rejecting it. I have also had to upload it to youtube in two parts because Veoh is now refusing to upload anything I throw at it, eek! Once the series has finished I will go over this in more detail and re-release the episode. Parts 1 and 2 are embedded below.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

As far as the rest of the series go am I now on summer hols and so I'm going to try and ramp up the release rate, meaning more episodes at a quicker rate and not just every weekend. In the meantime...enjoy episode 9, as ever comments and mentions all gratefully recieved.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Episode 9 is coming

The Metal Legion is uploading as I write this and should be ready in about an hour and 40 minutes hopefully. Thank you to everybody for their continued support and indeed patience.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Episode 9 Delay

Although Episode 9, The Metal Legion should have been out this weekend I am going to have to delay the episode for a couple of days. I have been snowed under with work this week and unable to do anything to the episode. Sorry for the delay. I am hoping for a Monday or Tuesday (at the latest) release. Thank you again to everybody for your patience and continued support.

On a happier note blink has now made the DVD covers for episodes 1 to 3 (Which are fantastic and) which means I now have the complete set. Be sure to check them out (Links in the cbox) and I shall post them on here later today also. Thanks Blink!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Series 1 Finale - SO EXCITED!!

Its not that far away now you know. Very soon the two part finale to my first animated series of Doctor Who will play out on this very blog and I must say that I am very excited! The reason from my excitement is borne out of the fact that I have just finished the script to episode 11. This means that the only two episodes left to focus on are 12 and 13, aka, the finale. I now have all the pieces in place and just have to make sure that I include everything and then keep the episodes running smoothly; so ask me again in a couple of weeks if I am still looking forward to the finale.

I hope people have picked up on the majority of the hints and story pieces. On the other hand I also hope nobody has worked it out completely...that would be a disaster! I must admit to having already written the actual ending a number of times over as I feel it is important to know where my story is going and how I am going to tie all the pieces together.

My apologies for the random nature of this post, but I simply had to share the overall excitement that I am feeling at the moment. I can't wait for you all to see the finale and tell me what you think.

P.S. Episode 9, the Metal Legion is out this weekend.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Episode 7 and 8 Covers by Blink!

Here are two fabulous episode covers for episodes 7 and 8 that Blink has made. He has made overs for the other episodes of the series as well and these are the latest two. Many thanks to him for his fantastic work. Check his blog out here.

7. Hotel Gothika

8. The Helsinki Incident

Monday, 12 July 2010

Episode 8 - The Helsinki Incident

Here is episode 8, the Helsinkin Incident for your enjoyment. My apologies that it is a day late I had upload issues.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Helsinki Incident Plot Snippets

Episode 8, The Helsinki Incident is due out at the weekend and here is the obligatory mid-week post with the plot snippets and episode info. I have taken a slightly different approach to this episode in an attempt to cut the workload that the series has created. For this two part story I have not written a script as I usually do for the episodes, instead I have drafted out the main plot points and character quotes that need to be included and then created the episode around these notes. It is an experiment I am trying and if it works will have no noticeable effect on the quality of the episodes but will have a positive effect on my workload.

Here are the snippets, enjoy...

1). Ah yes the call from mr Churchill, this was always planned, imagine how I cursed when it happened on the BBC. Honestly, I did not copy it.

2). World War II at its worst, some in depth fighting and pretty gruesome stuff.

3). There is a slightly different design to the head of the cybermen, the reason for which will come out in the two parter.

4). Fighting for the "Last piece of their being" ohh now that might be worth remembering.

5). The cliffhanger is a damage limitation excercise on the behalf of the Doctor.