Friday, 31 July 2009

Grand Designs Teaser Trailer 2

As promised the second teaser trailer for the first Christel Doctor Who special entitled 'Grand Designs' has arrived. I apologize for the late arrival but I did have issues with upload. The trailer tells the basic story of what is to happen in the episode and sees the Doctor setting out on the relatively mundane task of refurbishing the TARDIS interior only to find that things have gone terribly wrong. The episode should be out early November if not before with the three other specials to follow before Christmas. Further trailers and announcements to follow including an announcement on the launch date of this first episode.

The video is below as well as on youtube at

And embedded from youtube with an HD option...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Trailer Incoming!

Friday 31st July will see the release of the next trailer to promote the upcoming animated fan series Christel Doctor Who. This new trailer will promote the first special 'Grand Designs' as well as give away snippets of information concerning the next three specials leading up to a big climax at Christmas.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Christel Doctor Who Special 1 -

The first of this years four Christel Doctor Who Specials will be entitled 'Grand Designs' and will be released around mid November time. Following this will be three other specials that will lead upto a thrilling climax at Christmas and then hopefully into a new full length animated series in 2010. Keep watching for more info and news.

Meanwhile catch the first teaser trailer for this special below...

Welcome to Christel Films

Welcome to the new blog for Christel Films! I have finally got round to launching this blog and from here I hope to spread the word of Christel Doctor Who and share with everybody all the work that I am doing.

The site will be added to and built up over the coming weeks and months and hopefully should be ready for the launch of my fan series somewhere close to November time. The series will kick off with four animated specials in the same way as the BBC are doing with the real Doctor Who.

To animate the series I am using the Movies Stunts and Effects game from Lionhead Studios for the mac and doing post production with iMovie. There are a few trailers that have already been uploaded to youtube and they will be linked here very soon. Enjoy!