Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christel Doctor Who Series 3, Episode 6 - End of Days

So here we have it. Three years of planning, teasing and action have come down to this one episode. This is a pure indulgence for the die-hard Christel Doctor Who fans and I make no apologies for that. You need to have a working knowledge of the past series to fully appreciate the gravity of what is happening in this episode.

I would like to say thank you to all the people that have subscribed to the blog and watched the series over the past 3 years, your comments and support have meant a great deal.  Special mentions also go out to my guest writers Burkey and Blink who produced two fantastic episodes for series 2 and have been really helpful and supportive from the very beginning.

The final length of this episode is a staggering 35 minutes, making it by far the longest ever episode of Christel Doctor Who. Don't worry though, because when you have watched it you'll understand why. So sit back and enjoy. Your are going to get a lot of answers over the course of the next 35 minutes and hopefully still be left with a few questions too. Make sure you keep watching right until the very end for a special series 4 sneak peek. Thanks again. Enjoy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Christel Doctor Who series 4. Coming 2013...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Ends of Days Easter Egg Trailer

A few weeks back, as part of the countdown to series 3 of Christel Doctor Who I posted a short "easter-egg" trailer that I had made for series 1. Well I have done the same for the end of series 3. As with the other trailer I have used an actual BBC trailer that (sort-of) fits the story that is to come and done my best to provide a short sneak of the final Christel Doctor Who series 3 episode.

Included in the trailer is some new footage from episode 6, so be sure to look out for that as well. Enjoy.

Now I do realise that the narrator lady actually talks about the tenth Doctor's final adventure but if you think about it, thats not too untrue, plus this is just an "easter-egg" so my excuse is that it doesn't have to fit completely. I hope you enjoyed it, I am hoping to have The End of Days up by midday tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Episode 6 Plot Synopsis

As I write this plot synopsis I cannot honestly believe I have managed to get Christel Doctor Who to this point. Four specials and three series later and everything has boiled down to this one episode. Literally everything, and yet there are things you haven't seen yet. Before you watch this episode on new years eve I should warn you that you need to have seen the majority of the previous series including the 2009 specials. But before I give the entire plot away, here is the synopsis for the grand finale...

Christel Doctor Who Series 3, Episode 6 S306 - End of Days

In over 900 years the Doctor has fought many enemies and defeated many evils in the galaxy. Yet as the timelords return once more a much grander design suddenly comes to fruition and there is nothing the Doctor, or his companions, can do to stop it. For one last time the Doctor finds himself confronted with an impossible decision. Everything is in place. The Grand Design will be completed. The End of Days has come...

As you know there will be no plot snippets for this story but I am hoping to have a very special trailer up either tomorrow or the day after as well as an interview, so be sure to keep checking back for those.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Series 3 Episode 5 - The Halls of Creation

So here is episode 5 of series 3 of CDW. As previously said this is by far the shortest episode, but I'd like to think it still packs a punch and setups the epically long episode 6 quite well. Enjoy.

Can I also take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas. I hope you got what you wished for and all that jazz.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Episode 5 - Plot Snippets

Here are the final plot snippets for series 3 of Christel Doctor Who. "But what about episode 6?" I hear you scream. Well I am not doing snippets for the final episode because I want it to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue for as long as possible. So here we go. Enjoy these five snippets, because the end of days is nigh.

1). In a wonderful scene, the 10th and 11th Doctors are referred to as "interfering ninnies".

2). This episode features some of the very first dialogue that I wrote for the series, and it was a very long time ago that I wrote it.

3). The Doctor and Romana use a trick that the Ninth Doctor hinted at during the last moments of "Dalek" way back in 2005.

4). The Doctor finally works out what is happening and really comes of age. Its nice to see actually, as he has been in the dark for so long about what is going on.

5). A moment from the very end of series 1 is explained.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Episode 5, Plot Synopsis

Okay you should be warned that episode 5 is short. Very short. 10 minutes to be exact. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, I didn't want their to be too much in the story considering it was going out on Christmas Day and secondly I needed a story that would bridge between episode 4 and the epically long episode 6. That's not to say that episode 5 isn't worth watching but this is definitely more of a character piece (with a stonking cliffhanger at the end) that ties off some loose ends and "positions the final pieces" so to speak. Anyways, here is the synopsis.

Christel Doctor Who Series 3, Episode 5 S305 - The Halls of Creation.

Something is troubling the Doctor. Along time ago he was warned about the mysterious Halls of Creation and what horrors they hold. Now that he stands before them, apparently victorious over his evil self, there are still many questions to be answered. How did everybody else know about the halls except the Doctor? What could they possibly hold? and why can't he shake the feeling that this has all been planned from the very beginning?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Series 3, Episode 4 - False Dawn

Here is episode 4 of series 3, False Dawn. As you will see, this and episode 3 were actually written as one big episode that I just cut in half.

This of course means that there are now only two episodes left, episode 5 on Christmas day and Episode 6 on New Years Eve. What I can already tell you about episode 5 is that it will be the shortest ever Christel Doctor Who episode clocking in at barely 10 minutes, you'll see why, and dont worry. Episode 6 will more than make up for that as it is a full 45 minutes long.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I'm at it again...

Let me clarify that post title. By "it" I mean writing. With series 3 of Christel Doctor Who edited and ready to go I have turned my attention once more to writing. I have now written approximately half of the first Centerpoint episode and all of the first draft of episode 1 of Christel Doctor Who series 4.

I didn't actually intend to start writing series 4 until the middle of next year but I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do and so made a start. What I have now will change considerably before 2013 but I have at least done something and have some material to work from. What I can tell you about series 4 is that I have the overall arc planned and know roughly where each of the 13 episodes will slot in. I have two slots available at the moment for guest writers and will begin looking in earnest in the new year for interested parties.

Centerpoint is now making good progress and although I am only half way through my second draft of the first episode I am very pleased with it. I have planned for series 1 to run to 8 episodes in all (all of which I shall write myself) and I will be releasing a LOT more information about it in the new year.

As I said the other day the plan is that Centerpoint will actually be something that works to a final conclusion over a number of stories. I intend to define the end point from an early stage so that you know what it is working to. At the moment I have planned for this to take 3 series but I am toying with the idea of doing 2 series and a (dare I say it) Feature length "movie".  I am unsure of how this will work logistically but it is something that I am thinking about at the moment.

Episode 4 - Plot Snippets

Here are the five key points from episode 4, False Dawn. Again there are twists, turns and shocks in the episode. Hopefully this will successfully whet your appetites.

1). Incase you ever wondered how Timothy knew how to fly the TARDIS, now you find out.

2). Tabitha and Timothy share a moving scene in the Tardis, showing just how much the Doctor really does care.

3). Your going to see a number of locations used in series 2 of Christel Doctor Who, as well as number of references. Infact, one of the series 2 episodes gets explained wonderfully.

4). Tabitha really comes into her own in this episode. Some creative thinking on her part helps to further rack up the nostalgia points.

5). The end scene is a very rousing one and its tough to see where else there really is for the series to go, but don't worry, this has all been planned for.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Episode 4 - False Dawn, Plot Synopsis

Here is the plot synopsis for episode 4 of Christel Doctor, False Dawn. This episode will be aired on Wednesday December 21st which means that we are now really cracking on with series 3 and building towards the grand finale. Here is the synopsis for episode 4.

Series 3, Episode 4 (S304) - False Dawn.

Having saved Timothy Jackson from the Evil Doctor's clutches the Doctor has journeyed back to the Gates of Elliysium to try and reason with his evil self one last time. But for once things seem to be working in the Doctor's favour. His friends are winning the war of the worlds and launching an audacious rescue attempt. Yet as the Doctor seems to have finally won his greatest battle something else is lurking in the darkness and the Doctor doesn't feel quite right. 

He's Back...(Major Spoilers)

If you have not seen episode 3 of CDW series 3 yet then scroll quickly past this post and watch the episode. If you have seen the episode then you will know that Timothy Jackson is back! That's right. Timothy is back in Christel Doctor Who and don't worry he will have a big part to play in the storyline, I didn't just bring him back for the sake of it. This of course means that I have may of told a little white lie when I originally said that he would not be returning, but I couldn't tell you everything that was going to happen now could I?

Below is his character trailer which I made before the series started knowing that he would come back, and of course, is the one that I couldn't show you. I hope you enjoy it and I shall be posting later with the episode 4 synopsis so be sure to check that out.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Thoughts on the Future

So with Series 3 of CDW progressing nicely I have begun thinking in earnest about 2012 and in turn, Centerpoint. I have spent the last few weeks writing small bits of the first episode and tweaking the overall idea of the story. I have decided to have an overall arc that will take either two or three series to play out. The idea is that the viewer will then know that the series is playing towards a conclusion but not be sure how it will get there.

I have also started formulating an early draft shooting schedule for the series and if it is to be ready for a winter 2012 release then I intend to start shooting around April (Easter) of next year and then be finished by the end of August. This has of course been thought out with the intention of then being able to start filming series 4 of Christel Doctor Who during the winter of 2012 and be ready for a January-February release in 2013...if not sooner. There will be lots more news about Centerpoint in the new year but for now I just wanted to update you on my general thoughts and progress. I hope everyone is enjoying series 3 of CDW so far.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Series 3, Episode 3, War of the Worlds

So here it is. Episode 3 of series 3, War of the Worlds. As I said previously the end of this episode marks the halfway point in the series so be sure to make sure that you watch carefully and take everything in. As ever I look forward to hearing peoples comments and opinions on the episode but I ask this time that people kindly avoid posting spoiler content in the chatbox. There is a BIG SUPRISE in this episode and I kindly ask that you don't spoil it for others who havent seen it yet.

Here is the episode, in one part...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Episode 3 Plot Snippets

Here are the official snippets from episode 3, War of the Worlds.

1). From the word go the Doctor is given an impossible choice by his evil counterpart. A choice which underlines how much of  a match he is for the Doctor.

2). Its all building up to specific scene which Tabitha guesses from an early point in the episode. I wonder if you can guess to.

3). We see an item last seen in series 1 which Tabitha "couldn't forget if I tried".

4). The Doctor is pushed to the limit over the evil doctors interest in somebody.

5). And there it is. THE scene of the series (so far that is). I lept out of my seat and cheered when I watched (I'm that sad) and I hope you will to.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Episode 3 Plot Synopsis

Can you believe that the end of episode 3 will actually mark the halfway point of series 3, and believe me when I tell you that you really haven't seen anything yet. Barring episode 6 this episode is the one that I am the most excited about because of simply one scene, and I cant wait for you to see it, hopefully you won't see it coming. But before I give too much away below is the plot synopsis for the episode.

With an evil version of himself now causing havoc throughout time and space the Doctor has some dark facts to face up to. This is what he could have become and now he will need to call in favors from across time and space simply to survive, yet with conflict brewing everywhere and every-when the Doctor has one last task perform and it is one that he hoped he would never have to.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Series 3 Episode 2 - The Evil of a Timelord

Here is episode 2 of series 3 - The Evil of a Timelord. It has become somewhat of a CDW tradition that each series has an episode with the word timelord in its name. However, as you are about to find out, this is probably the most aptly titled episode of all the "timelord" episodes. Enjoy and comment as usual.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, 9 December 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Character Trailer

I haven't actually finished showing you all of the character trailers. There is one that I am holding back until a certain point in the series. I really want to show it to you but cannot do so yet as it will reveal far too much far too soon. But you really are going to love it when you see it.

However as a bonus item, I have found a "test" trailer I did for the doctor way back before series 1 of Christel Doctor Who when I planned to use voice actors. You have actually seen it before but I really like it and thought it still worked really well in the absence of a series 3 character trailer for the Doctor.

Episode 2 plot snippets

Here the 5 plot snippets for episode 2, The Evil of a Timelord. This episode for me, is where the story really kicks off. I had to do a lot of setup in the first episode and needed to move everything into place so to speak. Now I have done that everything is ready to take off, and take off it will.

1. Your going to see ARNIE, Roger and Jack Harkness in this episode. They are all called in for thier expertise and know how. ARNIE's story pretty much picks straight up from the end of his first series.

2. The whole sonic screwdriver conundrum still rumbles on. That was the idea don't worry. It wasn't something that I have overlooked and will actually be pretty important in the end.

3. This is quite a shocking episode in that it shows you just what you could be capable of if you gave in to temptation.

4. There is a very amusing moment where two very different people both tell Jack "not now". Perhaps they aren't that different after all.

5. They were mentioned in series 4 of "real" Doctor Who. Now you get to see my interpretation of them, and what they can do. They will bring about cliffhanger number two.

(Bonus number) 6. Look at the "next episode" segment at the end. Do you recognize the house? Answers on a postcard please.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Episode 2 Plot Synopsis

So here is the plot synopsis for episode 2 of series 3, The Evil of a Timelord. As you all know, something very unexpected happened at the end of episode 1 and so I have had to write the synopsis without spoiling what will happen in the episode. Anyways, here goes...

S302 - The Evil of a Timelord

After having fought so hard to get back to the Doctor not only has Tabitha had to once again had to leave her alien friend but this time it could have been for the last time. However, strange things are afoot onboard the TARDIS and the biggest of all shocks is still to come.  As old friends begin to rally to the Doctors cause they all make a shocking realisation. This is what the Doctor really could have become. This is the Evil of a Timelord.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Series 3 Epsiode 1 - An Imperfect World

So here it is. The beginning of the end...for now ;) Episode 1 of the epic six part story that will be Christel Doctor Who series 3. There are thrills, spills, twists and turns ahead. So sit back and enjoy. You really do need to watch the whole thing to understand the story, so no skipping to the end okay!


An Imperfect World Part 1 -

An Imperfect World Part 2 -

Friday, 2 December 2011

This time tomorrow...

...everything you know about Christel Doctor Who will have changed. Or will it? I am very excited about the release of Christel Doctor Who Series 3 tomorrow. It should be online at around 4 'o' clock GMT so be sure to keep checking back throughout the day for news and updates.

Please also feel free to comment on the episode I love to know what the fans think and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

To give you a few hints about episode 1 there is a HUGE twist at the end and its a very nostalgic episode, but you'll find out that tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Coming up in...December

So December is here and you know what that means. That's right. Over the course of this month Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who will be broadcast right here on Christel Films. Below I will post the episode schedule for those of you who missed the initial announcement....

S301 - An Imperfect World - Sat 3rd Dec

S302 - Evil of a Timelord - Sat 10th Dec

S303 - War of the Worlds - Sat 17th Dec

S304 - False Dawn - Wed 21st Dec

S305 - The Halls of Creation - Sat 25th Dec

S306 - End of Days - 31st Dec

Then of course after the final episode be sure to hang around for the official "What to expect from Christel Films in 2012" post, in which there will be some MASSIVE news...