Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Episode 6 Plot Synopsis

As I write this plot synopsis I cannot honestly believe I have managed to get Christel Doctor Who to this point. Four specials and three series later and everything has boiled down to this one episode. Literally everything, and yet there are things you haven't seen yet. Before you watch this episode on new years eve I should warn you that you need to have seen the majority of the previous series including the 2009 specials. But before I give the entire plot away, here is the synopsis for the grand finale...

Christel Doctor Who Series 3, Episode 6 S306 - End of Days

In over 900 years the Doctor has fought many enemies and defeated many evils in the galaxy. Yet as the timelords return once more a much grander design suddenly comes to fruition and there is nothing the Doctor, or his companions, can do to stop it. For one last time the Doctor finds himself confronted with an impossible decision. Everything is in place. The Grand Design will be completed. The End of Days has come...

As you know there will be no plot snippets for this story but I am hoping to have a very special trailer up either tomorrow or the day after as well as an interview, so be sure to keep checking back for those.

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