Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Series 4 Taking Shape...

Although you won't be seeing it until 2013 I have begun tentatively planning series 4 of Christel Doctor Who. I have a very rough story arc outlined and have looked at a few props that I could use to add to the stories.

I can promise you that it will be VERY different to what you have come to expect and will hopefully be a lot more professionally finished and written. Which is why I am starting to plan it now.

Whilst I will be looking for guest writers please DO NOT contact me just yet. I have not even started thinking about episode ideas and so I can't give episode slots out if.

Monday, 26 September 2011

New Trailer Confirms Cybermen, Kin, Harmonica and more...

So if you missed the series 3 trailer on Saturday boy did you miss some action. But you also missed some important character announcements. I recently posted a list of confirmed characters for series 3, but after the release of this recent trailer it needs updating. I have coloured the new characters featured in the "September Trailer" as red...

The Doctor (obviously)
The 10th Doctor (David Tennant version)
The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith version)
Roger Parris
Tabitha Mortimer
Amy Pond
The White Guardian
The Black Guardian
The Next of Kin
The Cybermen
The Daleks
Captian Jack Harkness
The Harmonica

So how can they all be back? Just what is going on? Well you don't have to wait long to find out. December will be here before you know it.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Series 3 "September" Trailer

So here it is...the latest trailer for series 3 of Christel Doctor Who, best played full screen with the lights off and the volume up full. Hopefully you will love it...let me know what you think. Watch out for big spoilers and reveals...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Set Report 9 - Sorry, what now?!

The sixth and final episode of Christel Doctor Who Series 3 is currently filming and it is very secretive. However, we have managed to get some leaked snippets from the script. One line included the words "Grand Designs" and the other was a rumored line in which a character was told to "Make sure you get your reward. You owe yourself that much". As of yet, the significance of these lines are unknown.

On a completely separate night you may need to be sitting comfortably for episode 6. It is not yet half finished and already weighs in at over 16 minutes.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Trailer coming soon...

The latest Christel Doctor Who series 3 trailer will be posted on Saturday September 24th. I have finished putting it together tonight and will add majorly to the cast list for series 3 that was already posted here. expect HUGE suprises and lots of action. I really can't wait for you to see the trailer let alone the series!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Episode 5 now complete...Time to tie up loose ends...

With filming for episode 5 now complete I have done 5 of the 6 series 3 episodes already. However I have noticed a few plot holes and inconsistencies within the series that I will need to iron out before I release the episodes. You may remember that I managed to write the entire 3rd series of Christel Doctor Who whilst on two 9 hour flights during the summer holidays but the only problem is I have never really checked the scripts thoroughly until now  so I will now have plenty of time to do this before the December release.

This will also give me more time to put the next trailer together, which...and you have been warned...will reveal some big spoilers for series 3!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

CURRENT Series 3 Scheduling

With the majority of Christel Doctor Who 3 in the bag I am beginning to think in a little more detail about the scheduling for the series. At the moment this is the plan, I say at the moment because things could change a lot before December, and probably will...

I am planning to run episodes 1-3 in regular weekend slots on the first three weekends of December, making it the 3rd, 10th and 17th.

Episodes 5 will be aired on Christmas day with episode 4 either on Christmas Eve on earlier in the week leading up to Christmas.

That leaves episode 6, which should run to over 25 minutes, to air on New Years Day.

I stress again that, at the moment, this is simply the latest incarnation of the plan and may change before December gets here. As with the past series however, there will be a series launch trailer to confirm my plans once and for all.

Episode 4 Completed

As you have probably guessed I am on a self imposed roll with filming of series 3. Yesterday (Friday) I finished episode 4 and now only have 5 and 6 to film. Episode 4, False Dawn, has so far been the most fun to film however as it ends brilliantly and actually seems to solve most of, if not all of the problems that have been presented in the episodes before it. But as the name of episode suggests this is simply a ruse and for episodes 5 and 6 things will come crashing down around the main characters in quite some style. Below I have posted some teasers for episode 4 which should keep appetities whet and discussion ongoing...

 -  Tabitha tells somebody that Christmas was fun.

 -  The series 2 finale comes back into play briefly. Lets just say we get to cross the T's and dot the I's.

 - There is an inventive use of regeneration...that's right...regeneration.

- There is a nod to the humorous scene in "The Eleventh Hour" where Matt Smith says "Who da Man".

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Character Poll

When I posted the other day I mentioned a number of the returning characters that would feature in series 3 and also asked for the fans views. Pleasingly, this post caused a great deal of conversation and many people offered a number of suggestions as to who they would like to return. So I am launching a new poll today based on these suggestions. This is just for fun and in no way confirms who is returning and who isn't, but please vote.

Set Report 8: your number's up...

Filming commenced on episode 4 of series 3 and a huge number of extra's and actors were needed for the first day. At least 8 characters were spotted during the first day of filming, including one very familiar face that will please a great number of Christel fans. There were "battle" scenes shot and a number of extras were also seen to be dressed in futuristic costumes. Filming continues...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Series 3 now half complete...

So after updating you on the progress of Series 3 just yesterday, I am today delighted to be able to confirm that episode 3 of series 3 wrapped filming, meaning that half of the series is already in the bag. I am hoping to have the next half finished by the end of October and then I will still have a month to add titles and effects.

This stellar progress also means that there should be another trailer along very soon....

Monday, 12 September 2011

Series 3 progressing Nicely

Just a quick update from Christel towers. I have been struck down with a mysterious throat infection recently and so work on Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who has slowed somewhat. However, I am pleased to report that episodes 1 and 2 have now wrapped filming and only need subtitles and effects adding. I have also started episode 3 and have about 7 minutes of filming in the bag, which hopefully means that I should meet the December deadline with ease (famous last words and all that).

This has of course meant that series 2 of ARNIE has taken a back seat. Never fear the series will be here before long, infact I am nearly finished episode 1, even though I haven't cast any voice actors yet. I will of course keep you up to date with what is happening ARNIE and Doctor Who; wise, until then...keep checking back.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Set Report 7: The gate to somewhere...

Filming for episode 2 has been very secretive. We know very little about the episode, but what we do know is that it has been described as "game changing" and that by the end of it you are not sure who is who and what is really going on. We did manage to catch this shot after filming had completed however. What this is supposed to represent is unknown but it is believed to be something pivotal to not only the episode but the entire series.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Series 3 Trailer (and BIG spoilers) soon...

As promised, I am busy preparing another trailer for Series 3 of Christel Doctor Who which I hope will be online by the end of September. Whilst this is old news in itself I can promise that the new trailer will contain HUGE spoilers about the character lineup for series 3. So far we know the following characters are returning...

The Doctor (obviously)
The 10th Doctor (David Tennant version)
The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith version)
Roger Parris
Tabitha Mortimer
Amy Pond
The White Guardian
The Black Guardian

So who else is there to come back? I am really interested to know what you the fans think? Who would you like to see in series 3 and why? Answers in the chatbox or comments please.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Set Report 6: The Second Act

Filming for episode two of series 3 began today with principal photography taking part in an alleyway set. The TARDIS was seen and was prepped for visual effects, presumably to either land or take off. ARNIE was seen on set as well as the Doctor, which confirms that the two will indeed meet up in series 3.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Set Report 5: All's well that ends well...

Principal filming has now wrapped on episode 1 of series 3 and the main characters are now undergoing catchup shots for the SFX work for the episode. The most interesting shot of the day was being setup in the "museum exhibition room" where a prop named "the gate' was being readied to have some visual effects applied to it.  Explosions, ripple effects and alarm sounds were heard throughout the day. Sounds like something big is going down.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Come along Pond(s)...

Amy Pond did not recognize the Doctor when she met him at the end of series 2. As of yet the reasons for this are unknown, but I can tell you that she will reveal to the Doctor where she is in her time-stream in a conversation during series 3. I can also reveal that you will NOT be seeing Rory in series 3. When you see what I have planned for Amy and what role she has to play you will understand.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


As you know Christel Doctor Who is set to go on a hiatus in 2012 and I had originally planned for it not to return until 2013. However, a number of people (although mainly Blink ;) ) have pointed out that a complete break may not do the popularity of the series much good, and that they simply don't want to go a whole year without seeing something.

Therefore I am toying with the idea of some special episodes. I did it in 2009 to launch the series and it seemed to work quite well. I am thinking along the lines of three seperate stories, but perhaps five minutes longer than a normal episode. This is all just an idea at the moment but I have got some stories in mind that would work out. Obviously until Christel Doctor Who Series 3 is finished I can't confirm what will happen next year, but I am thinking about it.

This of course leads me nicely into series 4. I am going ahead with it, Christel Doctor Who will not stop after series 3, so don't panic. I want to up the quality of the writing AND the episodes significantly, which was the main reason behind the break in 2012. Once the new year rolls round I will be able to confirm a number of my plans and ideas for the future of the series, so be sure to look out for that. Until then, there is ARNIE series 2 and Christel Doctor Who series 3 to look forward to.

Series 3 Trailers

I have had several people ask me about trailers and teasers for both ARNIE series 2 and Christel Doctor Who Series 3. I am currently working on series 2 of ARNIE and I hope to have it ready soon, when the series is ready then I shall put a trailer together.

As far as Christel Doctor Who goes I have now pretty much finished the first episode of six and the first teaser trailer has already been shown. I am hoping to have another trailer ready for the end of September(ish) and then I am planning a special set of "Character" trailers focused on the different characters that will appear in series 3. Hopefully these will appear throughout November and lead nicely up to the premiere of the series in December.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Series 3 Trailer Breakdown

The Christel Doctor Who series 3 trailer debuted on August 30th and contained a number of pieces of footage that actually revealed a significant amount about series 3. Diving straight in, the first shot shows that Roger Parris and ARNIE will both be making an appearance...

 Now this may come as a suprise to those of you who are waiting for ARNIE series 2 because as you know it is set in the distant future on New Earth, so quite how ARNIE and Parris have a role to play is as of yet unknown.

The next big reveal was this young lady, who of course you all know as Tabitha Mortimer. Now you may be asking what the point of her leaving at the end of series 2 was if she is coming back in series 3, but believe me that will all be explained...

And last but by now means least was these two gents. Thats right the guardians (black and white) of time will be back for series 3 (but you knew that really didn't you). I also suppose that it goes without saying that they will of course be pulling the majority of the strings. Note however, how I said the majority of the strings...hmmm...let intrigue rein...

I should also point out that this is by no means "it" in terms of big suprises for series 3. There are a lot of "wow" moments that I originally included in the trailer but then took again for fear of giving too much away too early.

The trailer also finished by quoting a December 2011 release date for the series. I should tell you that my plan at the moment is to release the series in December and organise it so that the final episode plays out on New Years Eve, but of course, this is subject to change.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Set Report 4: Not quite the louvre...

Filming for episode 1 of series 3 began wrapping up today and also moved inside for work to begin on the SFX shots. Now whilst we know that there are a heavy amount of SFX shots to work on for this episode we don't much about them, however we did manage to sneak a quick picture of the set used for the entrance to the "museum" that has now finished filming on. See what you think below...