Saturday, 30 July 2011

Episode 11, Vault 101.

Tabitha Mortimer is the Rani. Having possessed the Doctors companion the evil time-lady is now setting about the task of global and galactic domination. But little does she know what secrets the Trojan, or its vault hold. As the Doctor tries to rally support for the fight against an old enemy, with a new face he learns the most terrible of secrects. Why will no-one help the Doctor? What can he do to stop the onslaught of the next of kin? Who is still fighting for him deep down?

Episode 11 makes up part 2 of the finale and follows yesterdays episode, Children of the Trojan. If you have not seen that yet I suggest you watch it before seeing this episode. If you have seen episode 10 then enjoy this one...

Vault 101, Part 1

Vault 101, Part 2

Friday, 29 July 2011

Children of the Trojan...

So here it is...the first part of the Christel Doctor Who Series 2 finale! I really can't believe that the series has come this far and I can't thank everyone enough for their support and continued viewing of the series. There really is nothing more to be said. Sit back. Enjoy. Be prepared for everything you knew to be changed forever...

Episode 10, Part 1

Epsisode 10 Part 2

Episode 10, Children of the Trojan Plot Synopsis

With episode 10 due to air tonight, here is the usual plot synopsis. I should point out that because episodes 11 and 12 air tomorrow and Sunday respectively the synopsis for each of those episodes will be posted with the actual episode. Anyways, here is the synopsis for episode 10.

Wherever the Doctor and Tabitha go in time and space mention and knowledge of the mysterious Trojan has followed them. What is it? What terrible secrets does it hold? Why does everybody know something about it apart from the Doctor? The Doctor is about to find out the answers to all these questions and more...and when he does, everything he knew, everyone he trusted, will change forever...

Finale coming today

Don't forget the series 2 finale of Christel Doctor Who starts today. Episode 10, Children of the Trojan will be online here at 5 'o' clock tonight...don't miss it!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Trailer coming...As well as a holiday

I can exclusively reveal that to preceed the Christel Doctor Who Series 2 finale this weekend I shall be releasing a teaser trailer for the three episodes with new unseen footage. It will hopefully be available on Thursday, with the three episodes airing over the course of the weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I will also take this opportunity to announce that I shall be on holiday for a week from Friday and so any posting that is done of christel films will be setup to be done automatically, this includes the three episodes that will make up the finale. If you contact me during next week I am not ignoring you I am simply not here.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Series 2 Finale

So the series 2 finale is approaching...we still don't know what the guardians are up to, we don't know who the woman is, or what the Trojan does. Plus we don't really know why Tabitha's lipstick is so important. Oh and that's forgetting that David Tennant and Matt Smith's 10th and 11th Doctors keep turning up...great fun is to be had...muwhahaha....

Series 3 (and 4) Breaking News...

I have had to think long and hard about how to do this and indeed whether to or not at all. But today I am announcing a change in the scheduling and format of Christel Doctor Who series 3. I originally planned for the series to be a full length 13 episode run but I have decided to cut it to simply 6 episodes, which will encompass the one epic (sorry) story that I had in mind for the series finale.

I have done this for a number of reasons. The first is workload, I now have less and less time to commit to the series and I fear the quality of it is suffering because of this. Secondly, and honestly, it is starting to become a chore, and I said whenever this happened I would either scale back or stop completely. Don't worry, I'm not going to stop completely, just scale series 3 back so that you, the viewer, gets the best possible experience that you can.

That leads me on to Series 4. There will be a Christel Doctor Who series 4; but not until 2013. Series 3 will run for six weeks at the end of this year and then take a years break. I feel I need to do it to be able to spend time on other projects and look into ramping up the quality of the series.

There is still a lot to look forward to in the coming months though...The finale of Christel Doctor Who series 2 is simply a few days away and ARNIE series 2 is now in full production. Many thank you's to the people that support and follow this blog, long may that continue.

Episode 9, The lying old Witch in the Wardrobe

I am pleased to present episode 9 of series 2, The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe. This is the Doctor-lite story and as I was watching it back last night I actually realized how ambitious the story was but I think it works well...hopefully you will think the same to.

Part 1

Part 2

This of course means that the next episode will be the first part of the finale for series 2. The title of the episode is announced at the end of this one, so be sure to watch out for that.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

CDW Series 3 Begins to take shape...

Even though there are still 4 episodes left to series 2 of Christel Doctor Who I am beginning to think in detail about series 3. As I have said previously, I have made no secret of the fact that I have always had series 3 pretty much written from the start and I can't wait for you to experience the rollercoaster ride that I have in store for you. I have already let on that the last six episodes of the series will form the finale and should hopefully be a "epic" (cringe) story.

I am now planning and thinking about sets and specific scenes that I need to include and I may even take the plunge and get the series voiced...but this I'm not really sure on yet. I am hoping that I can get enough done to preview a series 3 teaser either at the end of Christel Doctor Who Series 2, or indeed on August 31st when Christel Doctor Who becomes 2 years old.

Anyways, more definitive news on this to follow. Don't forget, CDW Series 2, episode 9, The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe goes live on this very site tomorrow; and it will reveal the episode title for episode 10, the first of the three part series finale. So definitely be sure to check back for that.

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe, Plot Synopsis

As you know by now, The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe will now be episode 9 of series 2 and so today I am posting the official plot synopsis, ahead of the episode release on Sunday.

May 1914, and as an average young man sits down to read a book he embarks on an adventure that he will never forget. But this is no ordinary adventure. Something dark awaits the young novelist CS Lewis and it will be something that will change his life forever. What are the mysterious noises that he can hear? Who is the equally mysterious Tomnoos? And just where did he dissappear to after reading that book?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe, Plot Snippets

What is now episode 9, The Lying old Witch in the Wardrobe will be aired on Sunday and so here are the usual 5 plot teasers. Remember, this is the doctor-lite episode and is now actually the last story before the finale starts, NEXT FRIDAY! :) Enjoy...

1. At the beginning of the episode the Doctor and Tabitha are looking for the Cardinal. Who as you may remember from a previous post, is actually another timelord.

2. All CS Lewis wants to do is sit down and read a good idea that back fires drastically.

3. Tomnoos, who it could be argued acts as the companion in this episode, does a lot of chasing around.

4. The TARDIS does something that we didn't know it could previously do.

5. I would like to think there are some very special "special effects" in this episode, especially in the penultimate scene.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Big Decision has had to be made...

I have been toying with this idea ever since I posted episode 8 on Monday night. As you may have read in the episode 8 post I unfortunately lost all of episode 9, Music to the Ears after we had a power cut. I had hoped to simply "Re-Export" the file from the movies and be done with it but for some reason my computer tells me the file is corrupt and so I need to start completely again. Which I don't have time to do.

Therefore I have taken the decision to drop the episode from the series and move all of the episodes up one slot. This means that the next episode, which will air on Sunday July 24th, I might add, will be the lying old Witch in the Wardrobe. It will also mean that there will then only be 12 episodes, instead of 13, to series 2.

Because of this I am still planning to produce and show the episode but instead it will form a special episode, pretty much in the same vain as the Christmas special. It will still officially be part of series 2 but will be a one-off and hopefully bridge the gap between series 2 and 3.

All in all then, series 2 will be an episode short, for now at least, but it does mean that you get to see the series finale a lot sooner...and what a finale it is.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Episode 8, City of the Damned Part 2

Here it is as promised, episode 8, City of the Damned part 2. I apologize for the lateness of this post but not only has the movies started playing up during export but I have also lost the entirety of episode 9, music to the ears. This explains the lack of a 'next time' teaser at the end of this episode. I am now hurriedly "re-exporting" and editing all of episode 9 again. Meanwhile, please enjoy episode 8....

Part 1...

Part 2...

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Episode 7, City of the Damned Part 1

I am pleased to present for your viewing pleasure, Christel Doctor Who Series 2 episode 7, City of the Damned Part 1. Series 2 is back and will stay with you know right up until episode 13, The Enemy Within. Episode 7 is presented in all its glory below...

Part 1

Part 2

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TIME -You won't have to wait a week for episode 8 oh no...Episode 8, City of the Damned Part 2 will air exclusively on Christelfilms.blogspot on Monday July 18th. Meaning there are only two days until the next episode of Christel Doctor Who!

Episode 7 Plot Snippets

I am currently preparing episode 7 of Christel Doctor Who for upload at the moment so it should be with you later today. Here as promised, are the plot snippets for the episode. Enjoy...

1. An old friend gets a few mentions in this story.

2. This is quite a gruesome really is no wonder that the people are scared of "what comes out at night."

3. This episode is an indirect sequel to the series episode, sins of the father. Its set approximately 18 months after The Doctor, Timothy and Tabitha were last on the planet "New Earth"

4. Charak has a dark side...and you will see it.

5. Then everything turns on its head...part 2 will have a lot of questions to answer.

When the episode airs tonight there will be a special announcement to go with it...make sure you are watching.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - 2 years old

On August 31st 2011 Christel Doctor Who will be two years old. I shall be celebrating the event with a number of special events and previews. Hopefully series 2 should be finished by then so you will see a series 3 trailer as well as news about ARNIE series 2 and Centerpoint. Get those candles lit for August 31st its going to be a biggie.

Monday, 11 July 2011

City of the Damned Part 1, Plot Synopsis

With Christel Doctor Who series 2 due to return to your computer screens this weekend I am today posting with the synopsis for episode 7, City of the Damned part 1. The plot snippets for this episode will follow later in the week accompanied by another announcement. For now enjoy, and discuss at will...

The Doctor returns to New Earth to find that not all is as he, Tabitha and Timothy left it. Since the Azmael foundation were deposed chaos has reigned. People now run in fear and what crawls around in the sewers beneath them and as the Doctor has to come to terms with some truly frightening truths he is left asking even worse questions...Was he the cause of this? What can he do about it? And just why are the remaining people so scared of what comes out at night?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Christel Doctor of the Week - The Guardians of Time

We first saw the white guardian of time at the end of Christel Doctor Who Series 1. He warned the Doctor that he being put through a test, which it was implied, the guardians were controlling. The White Guardian also hinted at the involvement of other guardians but they were not seen. Perhaps the most important was the revelation that the doctor will meet the guardains twice more and when he meets them for the final time he shall "know himself". hmmm...intriguing...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Episode 13...

I started filming episode 13 yesterday and actually shot the very final scene first...which is an absolute corker I promise you! I am pleased today to be able to announce the name of episode 13. So without further ado I give to you...

The Enemy Within

A title that at first may leave you questioning why I put back its announcement. But you'll see, muwhahaha...okay seriously. You'll see.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Episode 10 wraps production

Production on episode 10, The Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe wrapped last night and I am very pleased with the overall look and flow of the episode. This also means that I only now have episodes 13 and 9 to work on before the entire of the second half of the series is finished.
Be sure to check back tomorrow when I shall be releasing the title for episode 13 of series 2.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - Series 3

I originally intended for series 3 to be only 6 episodes. It would have been the six part finale that I revealed earlier and centered simply around bringing alot of the plot-lines and arcs together. However, I changed my mind when I wrote the ending to series 2 of Christel Doctor Who, which I still hope will blow you away. Coupled with the decision to run series 3 over Christmas of this year and into next year a full length, 13 episode, Christel Doctor Who Series 3 was born...and I can promise you it will be mega.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Introducing...The Cardinal

I am pleased to present to you a very special character...The Cardinal. As you have probably figured by his name he is indeed a timelord, and he will feature in the second half of Christel Doctor Who Series 2. Thats pretty much all I am going to tell you for now, but he does have quite an important role. Below are a few pictures of him in action...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Series 2 Part 2

So here you have it. The trailer for the second half of series 2 which also officially unviels when the series will be returning to your computer screens. I hope you enjoy it and it whets collective appetites for the second half of the series. The idea was to set the scenes for the rest of the series and then setup a mouth watering treat right at the very end. Enjoy, and let me know what you think...

Oh...and keep watching until the very end...hehe...