Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christel Doctor Who of the Week

Today I am launching a new series of weekly posts called Christel Doctor Who of the Week. Combom does something similiar on his truly magnificent blog (here) and I intend to do the same, but with Christel Doctor Who, with these posts.

It will just be little titbits for series 2, little plot reminders from series 1 and other such interesting little facts etc. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Below is the first post, with an ARNIE theme as the series launched recently.

Christel Doctor Who of the Week - ARNIE's real first appearance.

Although ARNIE's first appearance in the Christel Doctor Who universe is credited as episode 6 of series 1, both he and PARRIS actually make an appearance in episode 2, sins of the Fathers. Just after Timothy, Tabitha and the Doctor depart the subway station PARRIS and ARNIE enter and express their disappointment and just missing the Doctor. This in turn means that given ARNIE series 1 starts in the modern day and sins of the father is set in the distant future that the meeting is yet to happen for ARNIE and PARRIS in their timestream.

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