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The New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Part 2) Plot Outline.

In the previous post of this series I outlined how I went about forming a new League of Extraordinary gentlemen for a concept project and idea that I had had. What follows below is the treatment for how I imagine the film would play out.

I will warn that this is a very rough draft, and the closest I got to the idea being finished. If anything this is more of test-bed to show you, the reader, how I intend to describe my ideas and musings. Enjoy...

Act 1
The opening scene would be set under tower bridge in London. A man emerges from one of the portals to Wonderland that, as part of League Lore, Alice found long ago. This man will be found by an un-named agent, sent by M, who has been tracking him. The Man pays the agent the mysterious compliment of being the only man, "apart from the other, who is a little more than a man" who has been able to track him. He shoots the agent and leaves.

After the title sequence will be the reveal that the agent that was shot was James Bond. After Bond is murdered M tasks Rob Richards, who is seemingly another MI5 agent, to recruit The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. She divulges to Richards that this must be done quietly as she suspects a conspiracy and that Prime Minister Gilles Estram, who came to power fro obscurity in no less than 18 months, is behind the murder of James Bond.

Richards travels to recruit V, who is revealed to be Evey Hammond. He plays on her hatred for corrupt governments and seeds the plot point of Estram being the antagonist. They then journey to attempt to recruit Sherlock Holmes, but, as he is unwilling to join, they leave. They are attacked by mercenaries and after a battle in which V is injured  Holmes agrees to join the league. They take V to MI5 headquarters where M reveals Hagrid, who cures V through the use of magic.

Act 2
Holmes declares that he needs to investigate Elstram’s meteoric rise to power and the league agree to split up. Holmes finds a link between Estrams falsified past and his apparent appearance eighteen months ago. He goes abroad to Meet with TinTin and Haddock, who are, independently of the league, investigating the seemingly random political trips that Estram has been taking since being elected.

V, Hagrid and Richards go to the sight of Bond’s murder and, at the same time as the other team, uncover and activate a portal to Wonder Land. The portals spew a number of horrific monsters that the members of the league defeat. They agree to regroup and TinTin and Haddock join the League. On the way back to London Holmes contacts his brother Mycroft and gets him to investigate the “political trips” that Estram has been taking, therefore revealing portals all over the world that he could use to bring forth these monsters. 

As the League gather at MI5 headquarters it is assaulted by Estrams flunkies and M is badly injured. After fighting off the bad guys and interrogating their leader the team use their skills to deduce where Estram is and go to find him. They find him in his Government office alone and confront him. It is here that he reveals himself to be "The Master" from Doctor Who.

When asked what he is waiting for he answers “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” as he believes that they are the only power in the world that could stop him. V retorts that this is not likely and shoots the Master dead. To the shock of the League he regenerates and uses his regeneration energy to attack them. He then turns his regeneration energy into a transmitter that activates the portals around the world, spewing forth the monsters from Wonder Land. He taunts the League that they could kill him here and now or loose the world, stating that each time he dies the portals get stronger.

Act 3

Holmes tells the League that he has a plan and the Master runs off. He sends TinTin and V to London Bridge to work on an explosion to bring down on top of the portal. He tasks Hagrid, Richards and Haddock with the hand to hand combat, therefore keeping the monsters busy. 

Holmes vows to uncover the secret of the Masters regeneration and breaks into the MI5 archives to look for clues. The Battle rages on and the characters show their full skills. V and TinTin manage to bring down London Bridge but the portal simply absorbs the blast and spews forth more monsters, which engage V and TinTin in a seemingly unwinnable battle. Soon, Hagrid, Richards and Haddock are overpowered and seem withdrawn to the fact that this is their last stand. They manage to regroup in the center of a now battered London and fight the monsters. Richards agrees to leave the battle and help Holmes if he can.

  Holmes deduces that the Master is linked to the portals somehow and as Richards greets him so does the Master. Standoff. Holmes and the Master share a brainy encounter and as the master goes to attack Holmes Richards intervenes and shoots the Master hitting him perfectly in one of his hearts. Shocked by this the Master, who is unable to regenerate, then engages in hand-to-hand combat with Roberts and they fight. Holmes leaves the battle and contacts the other league members.

At the exact moment, V throws a grenade into the portal and Hagrid uses a spell on it. The portal spasms and begins shrinking in on itself. It is at this point that Roberts delivers the knockout blow to the Master and he begins to regenerate. However, because as Holmes figured out, his regeneration energy is linked to the portals, that are now dying, he cannot complete the regeneration and is left in a constant state.

The League regroup at the Master who is beginning to tear a whole in the fabric of the world. Holmes quips that the League should phone the emergency services...and The Doctor arrives. He brings out a device that scoops the Master into a recipticle and stores him as pure regeneration energy, never to be a bother again.

Holmes offers the Doctor to join the League and he says that the world is well enough protected, leaving with a promise of help should something else much bigger ever arise.

The film draws to a close with the League going their separate ways as Holmes, M and Roberts stand watching the world being rebuilt. Holmes reveals to Roberts that he figured out the secret. Holmes refers to Roberts as 008, Bond was 007, he regenerated, therefore revealing that Roberts is a regenerated 007. The film closes!

Post Credits Scene revealing the potential for access to Cthulhu. 

So yes there are a lot of plot holes, but I hope the general idea has come across quite well. The treatment never really got that fine tuned after this initial draft, but I did enjoy planning the story out and the twist at the end about not only the Doctor, but Bond regenerating too. I hope you enjoyed it, as ever, let me know what you think below...

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